Betsy DeVos Helps with Charities

There are many different charities that Betsy DeVos has worked to help with but the majority of them are things that will help children. She works to make sure that children are taking care of in the right way even if they don’t have the means for their parents to take care of them. The options that Betsy DeVos has created for these children give them opportunities that they would have never had without her help. From the beginning of her philanthropic efforts, she always knew that she wanted to do something that would make life better for children who did not have the best opportunities. Despite the fact that she grew up in a family that could afford a great education, she knew that it was important to help people who could not afford that type of education and who would not be able to do different things with the educational opportunities that they had.

While the majority of people who help with charities for those who are less fortunate choose to focus on the higher education and college aspects of becoming educated, Betsy DeVos knew that it didn’t start there. It started early on – as early as elementary school in some instances – and that it didn’t stop until these kids were in college. She realized that college didn’t even matter to many of these kids because they were struggling just to get through the basic education that they had to go through to get to that point. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

It was important to Betsy DeVos to change things for education. She knew that, despite the good intentions of the public school systems, they were not designed for every child to be able to succeed. She did, however, know that there was an educational option that would work for each child. They couldn’t all be grouped together into public education. She wanted to make sure that they were all able to learn, though, and felt that private schools along with charter schools were the best options. The problem came when the children who were not as economically fortunate couldn’t afford private school.

The solution came from the DeVos’ personal charity foundation that they worked with to make things better. They knew that children would be able to get the best opportunity possible for a good education if they did something. The “something” came from educational vouchers. People who wanted their children to go to private schools but couldn’t afford it were able to get vouchers for these schools thanks to the help that Betsy DeVos had with creating the programs and allowing children the chance to have the best and most comprehensive education possible with their capabilities in learning. Check this article from

Dick Devos Works Hard as a Business Leader

Dick DeVos has managed to become a business leader that is known in a lot of different industries. He took the baton that his billionaire father passed down with Amway. He has ventured into the wine industry with the Windquest Group. The thing that many people may know Dick DeVos for is his ability to give back to the education system. This is where Dick and Betsy DeVos have been able to start a foundation that gives back to education.


I am impressed by what Dick DeVos has been able to do in the business world, but the best thing that he could do was give back. I believe that he is truly putting his money where his mouth is. He has talked about how he wants to see education improvements, but he has done much more than just talk about it. The DeVos family has actually given back.


I think that Dick DeVos has seen this as something that he should do because of his Christian background. He really does believe that he has the ability to change lives, and he believes that he should help the poor. There are so many issues with the education system, and Dick and Betsy do believe that there should be a chance for anyone to get a better education. He doesn’t believe that people should be locked into a less than stellar education system because of their economic conditions.


DeVos continued to work as the leader in the company that his father created, but he would eventually go on to get his own company. I think that it was great that he did not spend all of his time in the shadow of his father. He was much more inclined to actually build his own legacy and establish himself. That is what I admire about Dick DeVos. He has a huge amount of faith in his skills as a leader, and this had allowed him to branch out. He has never been afraid to try new things. That is what has given him an edge in the business world. That makes him different from many other leaders.


He has endeavored into the wine business, and this has given him access to a whole new generation of consumers. Dick has continued to work hard and build various businesses. He has been able to successfully lead many companies, and he has worked hard to give back as he makes money.

Oncotarget Creates A Better Business Journal

Oncotarget is an online medical journal that has made its focus the research that cannot make it into other publications. They have put together a review panel that wants to help every new researcher, and they publish online where anybody may read what they have to say. This article explains how the journal has ensured that all new research may make it to its readers. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

#1: The Journal Is Large

Oncotarget is a large journal that has put together quite a lot of information for its readers, and there are many people who will find it much easier to learn about their medical needs when they are reading the journal. It is an easy item to read, and it has many new articles in every new journal.

#2: Researchers Receive Feedback

The journal has a review panel that offers feedback to all its writers, and the review panel of doctors and medical professionals will reach out to every writer about the research they have done. They will explain how they believe the article may be improved, and it is important for everyone who reads the journal to have the most complete and well prepared research possible.

#3: Anyone May Read

There are many different people who are searching for medical information that may read Oncotarget, and it is open to them any time they wish to read. They will find the journal easy to search, and they will find information that has been created with their specific situation at heart. They may read the archives that are kept online, and they may use the journal to research a medical condition that troubles them.

There are quite a few people who are looking at the journal because they need new information, and they will notice that there has been a study done on the particular condition they have. The conditions that are researched through the Oncotarget journal are meant to ensure that there are many people who may learn about their health. They may read the journal any time, and they may use the information from the journal when visiting their doctor.

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