Joe Arpaio Was Found Guilty For His Crimes Against Latinos And Those Who Sought To Protect Them

Back in October of 2017, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio sent armed deputies to arrest Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. Both of the men were handcuffed and taken out of their homes by force and placed into unmarked SUVs that had Mexican License Plates. Larkin and Lacey were then booked into separate jails; both of which were ran by Joe Arpaio. What instigated the illegal arrests of the pair were stories that they had been publishing in the Phoenix New Times that revealed Arpaio for the criminal that he was. A lot of what they covered had to do with the way that Arpaio had been mistreating inmates in his jails as well as racially profiling individuals based on their Latino heritage.


While mainstream media sources continued to ignore or brush off the crimes committed by, then, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin continued to shine a light on the man. What, eventually, led to the arrest of the two was a story they published in the Phoenix New Times that illustrated how allies of Arpaio’s inside the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office had issued subpoenas that demanded information about the editors, writers, and even the readers of the Phoenix New Times as well as their IP addresses and private histories of browsing the web.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were released from jail just a day after being arrested with all of their charges being dismissed. A lot of this was due to a nationwide objection to their arrests. After their release, a court battle took place that focused on the way that Arpaio has been abusing his power. It was discovered that the grand jury subpoenas were baseless due to legal procedures that had been ignores, and the arrests of Lacey and Larkin were declared to be made without probable cause.


Due to Joe Arpaio’s negligence and abuse of power, Lacey and Larkin received a $3.7 million settlement, which they selflessly used to startup the Frontera Fund. The organization works to support other organizations that are in place to protect the rights of Latinos who have had to suffer quite a bit at the hands of Joe Arpaio and others like him. The men have been quick to point out that Arpaio has illegaly detained Mexican migrants and helped to create a sense of fear in any one with brown skin. Larkin and Lacey have openly devoted their lives to preventing the abuses of power that are carried out by men like Joe Arpaio.


Daniel Taub

The volatile situation in the Middle East has been concerning people for generations and with the advent of nuclear weaponry, this concern has been growing exponentially. One of the countries to make headlines recently for their pursuit of a nuclear arsenal has been Iran.

This concern was so troubling that the United Nations came together with the embattled country to form an agreement to attempt to prevent this from happening.

This Geneva Accord was meant to discourage the country from reaching their nuclear aspirations by limiting the levels of enrichment the uranium in their possession is allowed to be in exchange for the loosening and lifting of certain sanctions by the United Nations.

Unfortunately, experts like Daniel Taub and many residents in Israel as well as many other countries in the Middle East and the world don’t believe the actions being taken by the United Nations are enough even if their inspectors are allowed to enter the country.

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer and ambassador with decades of experience in his field. For years he served as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom and worked to bridge the gap between the countries while encouraging the UK to participate in Israel’s healing economy.

He believes that the deal with leave us all in danger because it does not do enough to prevent Iran from making a nuclear bomb that could devastate the world.

Much of the current focus is on the part of the deal concerning the enrichment of uranium. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

While it may require them to only import the material with an enrichment of less than 3.5% and to dilute their current stock, it does not require them to remove the equipment they possess that is designed to enrich the material.

The main piece of equipment on the radar for Daniel Taub is a large centrifuge that was built in the country after initial discussions began.

This was so troubling to people in the Middle East, including Daniel Taub, that many feel almost betrayed by the United Nations and are demanding personal accountability if an attack occurs on their soil.

Historically Israel has had poor relations with many of their surrounding countries over debates on the ownership of the tumultuous region known as the Gaza Strip that is paramount to many of the main religions in the world/ Even so, they are hoping to open up talks with these countries to support the best interests of them all.

Learn more about Daniel Taub:

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Securus Now Adopts Drone Detection Technology

Technological inventions have been used for the benefit of humanity for many years. They have also been used with the intention to destroy the same man; unfortunately. when drones appeared on the scene, no one knew that they would attract as much attention from both the right and the left. Drones were first put to use by defense forces in the US as unmanned aircraft destined for prest missions. However, drones soon found their way into the public utility market. They were largely deployed for positive missions. The drone has been used to deliver cargo and mail to distant places. Courier companies found the new use of drones. They have been used to deliver mail to remote places, and they do it with precision.


About Securus

Securus Technologies is a security company with a focus on proactive technologies that enhance security. Securus has been deployed to offer security services to many American governmental agencies. Securus is also in charge of inmate security. Securus has been given the mandate to ensure that inmates do not have access to contraband equipment. Indeed, the work of securing everyone can be demanding. Securus realizes the challenges it faces in its mandate and makes adjustments that could help enhance security in the areas of concern.


Drones Deliver Contraband

According to several sources within the US, there have been over a dozen attempts by inmates and their accomplices to smuggle contraband such as phones and drugs into prison facilities. These are claims that even the prison officials’ face in their daily expected duty to protect their seniors. Prison authorities acknowledge such receipts all the time.


Securus and the Drones Strategy

A lot is cooking in the pot. After realizing the magnitude of their challenge in as far as they need to keep at par with security in the nation’s correctional institutions, Securus has decided to use some of the experienced hands from the prisons service staff in drone technology and drone detection. Securus secured the services of one Micheal James, a former prisons service staff who came face to face with the menace of contraband in America’s correctional institutions. With over 3500 corporate clients an uncountable number of prisons service attention, there’s no telling where the new horizons lie with Securus.


Serving a Broad Range of Customer Needs

Securus has built a name for itself through the years. The unfortunate thing without you, you won’t even know who he was technical. The Securus embayment and its portfolio. Its security counterparts are serious areas for consideration. However, living under expectation was marked by an improving!One of the most exciting works among our clients is that when they the shop attendants to make a quote for the service or product they have received. While WCS is already operational in many schools, no admission without a birth certificate.


Hussain Sajwani Has Set a Real Estate Industry Standard for Luxury

DAMAC Group has been founded by Chief Executive Officer Hussain Sajwani. The DAMAC Group is a leader in real estate development for the Middle Eastern region. Hussain Sajwani, as a young child, diligently worked in his father’s watch and pen shop. Here, he evidenced the ins and outs of deal-making, sales marketing, and other important aspects of one-dimensional entrepreneurship.

Being of humble beginnings, Hussain Sajwani envisioned a more professional career lifestyle for himself, so he ventured out to Baghdad to study medicine. The well-rounded scholar discontinued school to take a giant leap into a real estate opportunity. His first real estate investment comprised of a residential property that he acquired in the Dubai area. He instantly turned the property into cash by rendering pre-sales before construction took place. By passionately leaning on his childhood background and his unorthodox business observations, the ambitious leader embarked upon making a substantial mark in the property development market.

Hussain Sajwani delivers new luxury experiences with the advent of every new project. He deploys careful architecture, the finest creature comforts, and the convenience of placement as a pivotal part of his business model. The DAMAC Properties and Hussain Sajwani are increasingly known for their highly recognized developments. The savvy man of affairs collaborated with another known real estate giant, Donald Trump in 2013; the two powerhouses created two pristine, renown and award-winning golf course structures. In addition, the DAMAC Group pioneers the way for Dubai by becoming one of the first real estate companies from the Middle East to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. This sets the innovative company apart from the rest by displaying their growth, stability, and upward mobility.

Hussain Sajwani has experienced enormous success developing lavish areas across the Middle East, such as Qatar, the United Kingdom, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia. The diligent visionary has other massive investment and real estate projects that he is looking to take to next level opulence. His desire is to pursue more complex and monumental development endeavors across the world- establishing the bar for luxury properties.

New Luxury Property Reva Residences Launched Under the Direction of CEO Hussain Sajwani

In Business Bay, located in the heart of Dubai, DAMAC properties, under the direction of CEO Hussain Sajwani, launched Reva Residences. This fabulous development is premium luxury property, offering one and two bedroom apartments that has a spectacular view of the Dubai Canal. The location of the property is prime, being nestled into an area of luxury and entertainment. Located close to many fine dining restaurants, entertainment venues, and shopping areas, the location of Reva Residences is one of the most sought after living locations in the city. It is surrounded by outdoor venues such as lush parks, and jogging paths. Being surrounded by so many different types of entertainment and/or activity venues, Reva Residences is the perfect place for everyone, whether its single people, a young couple buying their first home, or a more seasoned couple looking to live in the lap of luxury. Hussain Sajwani, the owner of DAMAC properties, has been building successful and luxurious properties since the launch of DAMAC in 2002, and his expertise has definitely been shown with the launching of Reva Residences.


Inside of the property is just as luxurious as the surrounding area outside. The interior is designed elegantly to make residents feel as if they are royalty. The apartments boast luxurious amenities such as 24 hour receptionists and concierge service, spacious bathrooms, fitted kitchens, a children’s play area, a state of the art gym, a sauna, and much more. Apartments are now available and one bedroom apartments start at AED 699,000. Financing options are available, with the possibility of paying as low as one percent monthly and up to 45 percent balance at completion.


Owner Hussain Sajwani grew up in an entrepreneur-based family where he learned hard-work and dedication to business. He graduated from the University of Washington and although he started his career out as a contracts manager for GASCO, he moved on to open his own catering business in 1982 (which is still going strong today) and finally DAMAC Properties in 2002. Sajwani earned the title of Top 10 Arab billionaires in the 2017 Forbes list.

Jed McCaleb Enables Banking Services to the Poorest

Jed McCaleb secured his place in the history of financial technologies when he founded Mt. Gox, the first exchange enabling people to easily buy and sell Bitcoin. Bitcoin was a digital technology invented by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto in the wake of the world financial crisis of 2008 to allow people to buy and sell, store money and transfer funds around the world without requiring banks and other third party institutions such as Pay Pal and Western Union. He devised the blockchain technology to solve the problem of how to ensure trust in digital transactions. In those early years, many people created their own supply of Bitcoin by allowing their computer power to “mine” new coins, linking their machines to the distributed database network. However, many other people just wanted to buy and sell Bitcoin, and Mt. Gox enabled them to participate.


While working to develop alternative financial technologies, Jed McCaleb realized many people around the world, especially in developing countries, did not have access even to simple financial services from traditional banks. There are about 2.5 billion of these “unbanked” people, according to the World Bank. Because of their poverty or their geographical isolation in rural areas, it is not cost-effective for small, local banks to provide them services.


Jed McCaleb realized the same blockchain technology underlying Bitcoin could serve the unbanked as well by changing how these financial institutions do business. It can link them together to reduce their costs. This allows them to provide services such as transferring money to other locations. In 2014, he and Joyce Kim co-founded the Stellar Development Foundation, and he still services as Stellar’s CTO. Stellar focuses on developing its technical capacity to help financial institutions provide greater inclusion of their customers by creating a universal financial network. He believes in using technology to improve economic conditions for people by increasing efficiency.


He uses the nonprofit to develop open source software that fills in the gaps in what’s available in the mainstream financial world. He wants to update its infrastructure to enhance the economic growth needed to improve the lives of everyone on Earth.

Joel Friant: The Purest Habaneros Straight To Your Plate

Joel Friant is known as a writer, a speaker, a success trainer, a free market enthusiast, and, most importantly in this case, a serial entrepreneur. Although Joel has experience in several other lines of work including real estate and home remodel, we will focus more on his restaurant and entrepreneurial interests.


The Original Habanero Shaker, the flagship product for Mr. Friant, was created conceptually while working in the restaurant business. He wanted to make habaneros as easily available to individuals as possible. He wanted to work through their purest form (raw, dry, and original) in order to create the best potential product. Most habanero products, when they could even be found, were products which mixed the habanero either with salt or other spices. Joel Friant made his version of the Habanero Shaker and distributed it in stores.


The habanero business was not enough to sustain full time employment, so Joel Friant briefly found success in the real estate business. He did home loans for a bit and then became a buyer and flipper of houses. The collapse in the real estate market then lead Joel Friant to do a bit of soul searching in regards to business. He wanted to get to the core of why some were successful and some seemed to fail over and again. He created his own set of success concepts including “The Income Thermostat” inspired in part by Wallace Wattles and Maxwell Maltz.


In 2012 Friant discovered Amazon for online buying and selling. This was able to help propel his Original Habanero Shaker to the next level in terms of sales, though they had been available in stores since 1995. The Original Habanero Shaker is now available online from anywhere in the world 24 hours per day with the luxury of overnight delivery.


The Original Habanero Shaker is vegan-friendly with absolutely no animal byproducts just 100% habanero flakes. The habanero flakes used are approximately 30x hotter than a jalapeno pepper and are rated at 200,000 Scoville heat units. There are many studies that link the use of capsaicin to trigger endorphins in the brain causing pain relief, calming, and a soothing sensation. Online reviews are quite favorable with first-time users typically ending up big fans.

More Than 100 Assets Available Says AvaTrade Review

Are there enough assets on AvaTrade to keep you interested? Some of these other Forex brokers seem very limited. What did the latest AvaTrade Review discover?


AvaTrade Assets

Way back in 2006, before the Credit Crunch, AvaTrade started its business. How many Forex brokers founded from way back then are still around? The survivors have become industry leaders.


The AvaTrade minimum deposit is only USD$250 – this is about average for Forex brokers. AvaTrade offers the standard demo account for practice. You can open up a mini, managed or Islamic account.


There are 5 regulatory agencies establishing requirements for AvaTrade. This is a Dublin based firm. It has branches in Paris, Beijing and Mongolia.


There are 4 x dozen of the most popular currency pairs available at AvaTrade. Bitcoin was added in 2013. You can also trade stock pairs from UK, US, Japan or Germany on AvaTrade.


Digital Currencies

Every decade or so, there are hot assets for trading. If you estimate whether the future price will go up or down, you can make profits through Forex. This is a great way to profit from the Cryptocurrency Revolution.


Every week or so, there is important news, including ICOs. AvaTrade was one of the early adopters of digital coins. You can make a lot of money, if you guess correctly.


Plenty of Opportunity

There might have been a “changing of the guard” in 2013. That was when AvaTrade added Bitcoin. This was not a popular move for the mainstream banks. AvaTrade didn’t care.


It saw the potential of adding a hot new asset. Since then, AvaTrade members have had an advantage by being able to trade Bitcoin.


With this cutting-edge move, AvaTrade became an industry leader. It showed that it was not going to be held back by High Street or Wall Street. This bold move might have led FX Empire to give AvaTrade annual awards from 2013 to 2016.


You have more than 100 assets to trade at AvaTrade. This is plenty of opportunity to control your destiny. Get more money in your pockets.


Oxford Club is a private network of reliable and smart international investors and businessmen. Their core mission is protecting and helping each other grow in wealth. True to their mission, the group has withstood market storms for more than 20 years now. The club has more than 157000 registered members across the globe.


The club’s investment values and the ability to share new ideas have successfully passed the test of time. Although this club is selective, they are not secretive. For that reason, they have received members from over 130 countries worldwide.


Oxford Club has got different founders William Bonner, who is the founder of Agora Inc being among the top founders. This club started in 1989 as the Passport Club. It later took the current ‘Oxford’ name in 1991 as a way of reflecting on its member’s combination modern technology and old-world sensibility.


The idea of Oxford club founders was to create a concealed “financial club” of investors who had a joint interest in identifying unique business opportunities around the world. It was also meant for investors who had a sole agreement that the finest investment opportunities are normally found through personal connections and not the mainstream press.


Every month, Oxford Club members research hundreds of investment opportunities. They focus on those with maximum probable gains and the lowest risks at the same time. The results of the research are then shared with the members and a decision arrives after some consultation.


The Oxford Club’s foundation dates back to a group known as “The Merchants and Brokers Exchange”. This was an international entrepreneur’s club that founded by Gary Scott in the early 1970s. Gary Scott was an American who sold mutual funds and insurance in Hong Kong. Scott later turned The Merchants and Brokers Exchange group over to the CEO of Agora, Inc Sir Bill Bonner.


The club has grown through different phases since it was created to today. The recent being the launching of Chairman’s Circle Breakout Alert in 2016 which was created by Marc Lichtenfeld. In 2017, Andrew Snyder launched his own publishing service which he called Manward Press. Mathew Benjamin also joined the Club as its Editorial Director in 2017.


This cub is growing by the day and is looking forward to seeing what the market has to offer them this year.

Betsy DeVos Has Strong, Imbedded Opinions of Parental School Choice

Betsy DeVos is a strong believer in parental school choice. As the current Secretary of Education, she is responsible for setting and carrying out the nation’s policy on public education. While she has definite views on giving parents more choices on how and where their children are educated within a publicly supported system, President Trump, her primary boss, does not appear to be as supportive.


While Besty DeVos espouses the party line, many who know her from past political and charitable efforts in Michigan, her native state, state that she has a steely and determined personality underneath the outward politeness. For 30 years, Betsy DeVos has led efforts to provide tax dollars in the form of vouchers to go toward private schools. These efforts have been largely unsuccessful in Michigan, but she has succeeded in diverting money away from public schools and toward charter schools.


Ms. DeVos believes that the free market should decide the fate of charter and other schools. She not only supports charter and private schools, but she also advocates tax money for schools run by for-profit companies and opposes setting performance standards for them. Detroit, Michigan, has the nation’s largest number of charter schools, mostly because of Betsy DeVos’s political efforts. Many of these charter schools are low-performing, and Detroit’s public schools also continue to deteriorate. Ms. DeVos has said that the Detroit public school system should simply be closed down.


During her confirmation hearings, Betsy DeVos said that most students in the U.S. attend public school and nothing would change that. However, soon after taking her position, she said that teachers at a Washington public school she recently visited were not taking the initiative in their classes, but rather were waiting to be told what to do. This remark led to comments from many that Ms. DeVos is hostile to public education.


During her confirmation hearings, Betsy DeVos was potrayed as being inexperienced and ignorant of the state of the public education system and of politics in general. Her acquaintances have said that while she is somewhat annoyed by this portrayal, she remains humorous about it and even jokes about some of the remarks she made during the hearings.


A few months into her term, Betsy DeVos visited several schools in Florida, running the gamut from private, charter and public schools. Betsy DeVos was serving notice that she is serious about parental choice and was placing a spotlight on the different types of schools parents can choose. However, despite Ms. DeVos’s praise and support of the charter schools in Florida, the schools have problematic ties with business and political leaders and take a disproportionate amount of school tax dollars.


One of her first moves as the new Secretary of Education was to call the leaders of the top two teachers’ unions. Greg McNeilly, a Republican political strategist who has worked with Betsy DeVos on various initiatives in Michigan, believes that this was a smart move on her part. He states that Washington will soon find out that Betsy DeVos is fueled by opposition, not muted.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.