Escape to Teravista Golf Club

There are many golf courses near Austin TX, one of them being the Teravista Golf Club. Golf Clubs are a wonderful place to relax and blow off some steam after a long day or week. A nice day out on the course, sun shining, drinks, and possibly a friend or two in tow, and you have a perfect day ahead of you! Plus, the course isn’t just for the guys, most courses, including Teravista Golf Club that has packages for the whole family.


When it comes to golf clubs, such as Teravista, there is a lot more to offer than just a nice course. The Teravista is located on a very beautiful plot in Austin, Texas. Just from the website you can book all your needs at the club or by a simple phone call. You can view all the different rates, see tee times, directions to the club, wedding packages, and more. The club itself offers private lessons, scorecards, memberships at different levels, wedding venue for ceremony and reception, corporate events, meetings, tournaments, a café, and golf boards! The accommodations at this resort make it a fun outing for the whole family.


Teravista also has a golf academy, where you can learn to play from one of the best, J.L. Lewis. J.L. Lewis has over twenty years of experience and is a two-time PGA Tour winner. The venue for weddings or events is called the Ranch House, which provides a rustic yet elegant appearance. Teravista also provides full catering and a special events staff that can take care of every detail through your big day. However, there are also different packages to meet individual needs. The rates for the course itself varies depending on the day of the week, or if it’s a holiday. Teravista has you covered for all your needs.

Meet Adam Milstein: A Philanthropist, an Investor, an Author, Father, and a Husband

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor as well as a philanthropist. He co-founded a family foundation that provides charitable as well as philanthropic services to various organizations. The main role of the foundation is to strengthen Israel-U.S relationship, Jewish people, as well as the State of Israel. He is also one of the managers at Hager Pacific Properties. He also co-founded Israel-American Council.

Milstein’s philanthropic services

Adam’s philanthropic services include partnership development and consulting. He is also involved in other activities such as fundraising to facilitate programs concerned with Jewish continuity, Jewish Education, as well as pro-Israel advocacy. The Philosophy of Milstein’s philanthropy has three important qualities: Life path impact, Active Philanthropy, and Philanthropic Synergy.

The active Philanthropy principle is all about remaining active. Adam Milstein and his family are committed to remaining active and also investing significant time, financial resources and expertise in every program, project, and organization they support. When it comes to life path impact principle, Milstein is committed to seeking out, developing, and funding organizations that focus on improving people’s life. Philanthropic Synergy principle: Adam provides guidance and funding to help philanthropic entities willing to partner with other organizations.

Recently, Adam Milstein wrote an article on how to improve the Jewish culture. He advises the Jews to love their beliefs, be proud of who they are and where they come from. He also advised them to take issues related to education seriously. In the article, Adam requires the Jews people to train their children to be more creative especially when it comes to conquering the challenges of life.

More about Adam Milstein

Adam was born in a place called Haifa, Israel. He is the eldest son of Hillel Milstein and Eva. The father was a real estate developer and the mother was a homemaker. He has two siblings, Dalit and Yehoshua. He was conscripted into the defense forces of Israel in 1971. He was actually one of those who took part in Yom Kippur War in 173. He acquired his business and economics degree from Technion in 1978. Milstein together with his family moved to America in 1981. He acquired his MBA from Southern California University in 1983.

Saad Saad: Using Personal Experience to Create Innovative Medical Devices

For over four decades, Dr. Saad Saad has dedicated his life to pediatric surgery. During this period, he has made landmark inventions by continually tapping into his wealth of experience and vast knowledge in the field and beyond. Driven by the urge to ease the pain that many of his patients experienced during surgery, Dr. Saad invented various devices and medical procedures and patented them. By the time he retired, he had performed countless complex surgical procedures during numerous medical missions in West Bank and the United States and while working at Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal Hospital and K Hovnanian Children Hospital in the United States. His revolutionary inventions, which reduce medical-related risks faced by patients, have challenged the status quo in medical practice and saved many lives over the years.


Revolutionary Inventions


Catheters serve vital medical functions. They save and support numerous lives daily. In addition to being used for surgical purposes, they can also be used to relieve the body of various fluids as part of treatment and recovery procedure. Despite their importance in medical practice, the process of tracking the location of traditional medical catheters after insertion into the body present medical risks due to the repeated use of X-ray and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans. To overcome this risk, Dr. Saad invented a medical catheter that uses electromagnetic energy marker to track its location externally. He integrated an electromagnetic location identifier into the catheter to enable doctors to illuminate its location using an external detector. To make life easier for surgeons and medical practitioners, Dr. Saad’s invention comes with guide wires that helps the doctors to track the placement of the catheter safely.


Dr. Saad also patented a new suction device that he invented with the primary goal of helping surgeons during endoscopic surgeries. Traditional endoscopic surgeries are performed using a suction device that is easily clogged by body fluid. When suction tubes are clogged, the doctors are forced to remove and clean them before reinserting them back into the patient during a surgical procedure. This poses significant risks to the patient as it requires extended surgery time and difficulty in accurately reinserting the tube. Having encountered these problems during the numerous surgeries he performed as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad created a suction-irrigation device. The irrigation component clears the doctor’s view during endoscopic surgery.


Education Background


Dr. Saad is a vastly experienced pediatric surgeon with a solid academic background. He graduated with honors from Cairo University with a degree in medicine after moving to the country from Kuwait where his parents had settled. Born in Palestine, Saad is well traveled. In addition to his time in England as an intern, he also served the royal family in Saudi Arabia before relocating to the United States to practice surgery. The bilingual pediatric surgeon is a board-certified professional who recently retired after 47 years of practice. Learn more:

Discover the Impact Jeremy Goldstein Has In the Business Sector

Making business-choices has proved to be the hardest thing among many people today. Many people feel they have a strong passion for business, but deciding the kind of business to do have not been a walk in the park.

Jeremy Goldstein an established compensation attorney, has what it takes to help others make sound and productive business decisions. Jeremy says everyone would succeed in any field and career if they have a willing mentor by their side. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Most business owners make the wrong choices and decisions because they don’t have someone showing them the way. Besides committing his time in compensation legal representation, he also meets with novice investors and guides them on how to invest wisely.

With the right business advice, you can get to any height in the business world. Those who always take Jeremy’s advice on business matters seriously can confirm this. Most people know Jeremy Goldstein is fully committed to the interests of his clients.

If he didn’t care about the success of his clients, he wouldn’t have become a compensation attorney. He is more concerned about a positive future than what it would cost him to realize it. Jeremy doesn’t just tell people about a successful career, but he also shows them how to attain it. He believes helping people is increasing business growth.

If you have an executive compensation lawsuit, Jeremy is the right person to see. He has specialized in compensation law for many years now. Besides working for individual clients, Jeremy Goldstein also works for the largest reputable corporations.

Jeremy knows any compensation lawsuit has various facets to consider. He works closely with the executive committee members to create and structure the right compensation facets such as the benefits, and compensation negotiation.

According to Jeremy Goldstein, most of his clients contact him during acquisitions and mergers. No matter the magnitude of the compensation lawsuit, Jeremy has vast legal experience and extensive background to handle it.

Having studied at Chicago University and Cornell University, Jeremy acquired exceptional legal representation skills. As a dedicated Law School student at New York University, he completed his legal studies and graduated with a Juris Doctorate. He then founded Jeremy L. Goldstein Associates in the year 2014.

Rick Shinto’s Commitment to Excellence in Healthcare

Rick Shinto, the founder and CEO of InnovaCare Health is a true leader in this industry. The company stands proud with more than 120 years of experience combined. With his long track record in healthcare, what is it that helps him to become a true success with InnovaCare?


When Rick Shinto first started in healthcare, he was practicing as a pulmonologist in California. Working as a doctor in his field, he was able to learn first-hand what doctors experience working with patients, and to get the feedback that nurses provide about what patients want to know and how they view their healthcare coverage. The healthcare industry is constantly changing, bringing about both positive and negative aspects of medicine and patient care. The priority for Rick Shinto is to operate with a value-based model, ensuring that patients are able to get the plans they need at an affordable rate. Just because an individual lives in a middle class zip code it should not impact their ability to get fewer benefits than those who are considered upper class.


The leadership that he has chosen to work alongside him is also highly regarded in the healthcare industry. Penelope Kokkinides, his right-hand leader with the company also brings tremendous experience and value to the board. Rick Shinto has also been the CEO of MMM (Medicare y Mucho Mas) health plan since 2008. Once the sale of this company was complete, he served as the President and CEO of Aveta Inc. Working on the executive level and with an MBA has helped him to accomplish his goals and fulfill his duties at the head of the company. Bringing more than 20 years of clinical experience to the table, Shinto is one of the most highly regarded CEO’s in healthcare today working with managed plans.


Although he works in these roles for InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto is also on the board for America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). This organization is the largest in healthcare today, and this trade association is committed to ensuring that all plans are beneficial to members for a reasonable out-of-pocket cost. Healthcare continues to change, and Rick Shinto along with his board are working tirelessly to find ways to make the system better.


The Chainsmokers: Interview Magazine & Alex Pall

In the summer of 2016, The Dynamic Duo; The Chainsmokers had a very captivating interview in New York with Mathias Rosenzweig from Interview Magazine. During this exclusive discussion, Alex and Drew talks about how The Chainsmokers came to life and how they have gained their success over the years.

Their interview goes in-depth on the introduction of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart becoming a profound DJ/Production Duo, the hard work and dedication it took to reach the level The Chainsmokers have gained since one of the original members left the group, and how their music appeals in a transcending way to reach their fans and supporters.

During their time with Rosenzweig, Alex opens with his prior experience of DJing around the Big Apple and being introduced to Drew, who already begun his career of becoming a DJ and producer in college, they immediately combined their skill sets of Dance, Electronic, Pop and Hip-Hop and developed their overall EDM-Pop style of music.

Together, with hit singles such as “Roses” and “#Selfie,” the Duo have already gotten major exposure throughout the world and have reached demographic groups from the ages 15 and younger, raving-college students to ages 30 and over.

Alex and Mathias, along with Drew also discussed talk of an album being in the works for their audience. As they spoke with Interview Magazine about having an album concept, it was noted that they had to make sure it was right to do and what entails the embodiment of cultivating such a body of work. The Duo have been working hard to fully expand their identity as artists to their audience and what they stand for, as well as growing and expanding to reach an even bigger audience. Although they are a DJ-and-Producer Duo, they also feature works with other artists as well as projects they sing on themselves, in which shows their dedication and hard work to reach their goals. The Chainsmokers music is available on all digital streaming platforms, as well as their website;

To Read About The Chainsmokers with Interview Magazine, Click The Following Link: