The Career and Working Life of Igor Cornelsen

The question that many people struggle with is what to invest in; what products or services they need to sell to grow financially. Many people struggle with this question because they are most likely doing something they do not like in their line of profession. It helps to be a great employee because it helps you learn about a venture. It is advisable to invest in the business you have been doing as an employee because you know a lot about it. It is, therefore, critical to be careful with what you chose to give your time in life.

Igor Cornelsen is an example of an individual who followed this path. He currently has his firm and is a financial advisor. He was inspired to start his business by the many years he had worked in the industry. He had indispensable information on the venture. To understand this best, we have to go back to his career life.

Igor Cornelsen was born in 1947. During his time, securing a position in the university especially the engineering class was not an easy thing. However, being a brilliant and hardworking student, he got a slot in one of the engineering schools in the States of Parana. Two years later, he studied economics in the same university.

After his schooling, Igor got a job at the banking section. It is important to note that during this time, the use of the calculator and other technologies had not spread throughout the world. The engineers were, therefore, needed in the banking sector to calculate the compound interest using the sliding rates.

Igor Cornelsen worked in multiple banking facilities including international facilities. He also got a chance to work in different departments of the industry which advanced his knowledge in the sector. In 1995, he gave up the employment world and began his investment firm.

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U.S. Money, The Winner Of This Year’s Adsphere Awards

U.S. Reserve is the two time winner for two years straight for the Adsphere Awards. The company won due to its competitive reach in the direct response TV category. It is a leader in this market with its marketing campaigns that are featured regularly on television and garner high response rates.

The company is a distributor of precious metals. They have created the nickname for being America’s Gold Authority. They took home the coveted award for their infomercials and short term products.

Adsphere Awards annually nominates and awards television network advertises who are actively involved in the direct response TV business, which is a multi billion dollar industry. There is a company that analyzes and watches to see which advertisers and brands perform the best amongst television watchers and consumers. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards

The company behind this award work to find winners who best represent the creativity needed to entertain and engage television watchers. U.S. Money was very eager and happy to win this award again as it proves how successful and talented the company’s marketing and media production teams are.

Adsphere monitors over one hundred different television networks. The staff of this award company watches thousands of campaigns ran by businesses. The organization identifies brands that are involved in many different industries that are in some way have direct response campaigns on television. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

This is a very extensive process for the organization to break down the contenders into these categories based off of performance. The organization breaks down the categories amongst industries into segments. These segments consist of twenty major segments that are broken down to into one hundred and forty five smaller categories.

U.S. Money Reserve began in 2001. They have progressed into being a top provider of precious metals. The issue out U.S. and international silver, gold and legal tenders. They have a customer base of hundreds of thousands of people.

Many people do business with this company due to their ability to increase their portfolios, as precious metals serve as great forms of assets.

U.S. Reserve was given this award after the debut of their latest mint. The Forth Mint was exclusively distributed by U.S. Money Reserve.

This precious metal company also was behind the 65th anniversary celebration of the coronation of England’s queen. There has been a lot of popularity surrounding this gold coin set. They also produced coins celebrating the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

HCR Wealth Advisors Personalizing the Financial Path of Clients

HCR Wealth Advisors has been operating as a registered investment advisory company for well over three decades. The corporation is a provider of personalized solutions, offers wealth management, and other services as well.

Over the decades, the HCR Wealth Advisors have experienced the many changes in the finance sector. In the past 30 years alone the have been ups and downs, crashes and recoveries in various businesses across the United States of America and the world. Even the last handful of years have left a huge change in the sector.

Up to date, the importance of proper and in-depth data analysis is growing dramatically as there are many new segments of the sector that are rising but are less studied and less widely known about. With the increased opportunity for profit, the importance for accurate information on the various segments has skyrocketed.

For the year 2018 expectations and hopes run high. There is a lot of promise in the finance sector this year and for the next few years as well. Both experienced and aspiring investors naturally wish to make the most out of the pleasant finance climate in the United States which is something that makes advisory services very important.

HCR Wealth Advisors is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is based in Los Angeles, California and provides its clients with individualized financial advice to help their client achieve their financial goals.

According to Whale Wisdom, the corporation of the HCR Wealth Advisors was started up by businessman Mr. Greg Heller who has been serving as the chief executive officer of the wealth management firm. For 30 years, HCR Wealth Advisors has been growing steadily under his leadership. Bright Scope mentioned that the corporation used to be operated by two family members as a boutique firm. Up to date, the HCR Wealth Advisors is a multi-faceted establishment, registered with the SEC and operating portfolios totaling over a billion dollars.

Mr. Greg Heller pursued his higher education in Finance at the University of Southern California, graduating with a bachelor’s degree. He then immediately jumped into doing business and gaining years of experience before opening his company.

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Federal Courts Have Ruled That All Beer Labels Must Show Which Grains Have Been Used

     Bruno Fagali mentions in his blog that, breweries tried to stop it, but they have to comply with new federal regulations.

You might look at a beer label and wonder exactly what unmalted grains are and what beer is made of and someone who thinks they are an expert on the subject might tell you that it is made of hops, water, barley malt, and unmalted grains. They might explain that beer can also be made from unmalted grains like corn, oats, soy, sorghum, rice, and a combination of all of these grains. You might ask exactly which malt grains are used, but it is unlikely that the person will know the exact malt grains used to make the beer.

The Fagali blog post reports that Federal Judge Juliano Taveira Bernardes from the 4th Court of the Judicial Branch of the State of Goiás handed down a new ruling that all beer labels must clearly state all the grains that were used to brew the beer. The judge believes that consumers should have the right to know which ingredients have been used in the brewing of beer.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office filed an injunction requesting that all brewers should show on their labels all malted and unmalted grains used in their beer within 60 days. After receiving a response from the defendants, the federal judge rejected the preliminary injunction. The issue could have been settled on a consensual basis but none of the parties came to an agreement, and it was left up to a judge to pass his ruling.

Fagali believes that the judge must have considered all parties and at one point even brought up U.S legislation to give some examples before making a ruling. Fagali does not explain in depth the ruling as it is extensive and contains many documents. However, he does explain some details. To sum it up consumers have basic rights, and those include information about certain services and products regarding quality, characteristics, and composition. The information must be given in a clear and accurate manner. As the judge states according to law 8,918 all of the labelings of ingredients are required by law and all breweries must list their ingredients on their beer label.



Get Natural Pain Relief With Heal N Soothe

If you’ve experienced severe pain, you may reach for over-the counter medications or get a prescription from the doctor to relieve the discomfort. These medicines can negatively affect the body over time and can produce additional side effects that can be pretty serious. This is why a natural supplement for pain relief may be effective, especially for people who have chronic pain and need consistent paint management.


When you are in pain or experience an injury, the body sends white blood cells to the place of the pain and supplies fibrin to the injury site. This is what causes inflammation, which is actually used for protection so that the body can heal the injury. When the body is healing, proteolytic enzymes are sent to your brain that prompt the body to get rid of remaining scar tissue. Your brain also gets the message to get rid of prostaglandins, which are the cause of inflammation and pain. As we age, the body does not produce as many proteolytic enzymes. This is why breaking a bone or spraining your ankle is an injury you can heal fairly quickly from when you’re a teenager or a young adult, but it may take you much longer to recover from these injuries in your 40s and 50s. When you have to take medications constantly to get rid of pain, this only works temporarily, which is why Heal N Soothe can be helpful. Heal-n-Soothe is one of the first and only supplements to combine the power of proteolytic enzymes with the food- and mineral-based building blocks to achieve maximum anti-inflammatory results and thus Changed The Supplement Industry.


Heal N Soothe contains 12 all-natural ingredients that produce proteolytic enzymes that help to get rid of pain safely and effectively. There are also ingredients in the supplement that reduce inflammation while reducing pain, such as ginger and bromelain, which soothe the body and eliminate swelling while helping the body to reduce pain while the body is healing.


This process is called System Enzyme Therapy and Living Well Nutraceuticals is a leader in offering this technology. The enzymes responsible for ridding the body of these harmful proteins are called “proteolytic enzymes.” They are extremely effective at not only reducing inflammation, but in relieving pain and aiding the body in other key processes.Heal-n-Soothe product is an all-natural and effective way to both reduce inflammation and pain without any side effects. Developed after years of study, it contains the most powerful, proven ways to promote healing. Get More Information Here.


Several users have stated that after taking Heal N Soothe, they are able to get back to the activities they love and work out regularly to help them maintain their overall goals for good health. The supplement is recommended by physicians and has been clinically proven to work and comes with a money-back guarantee.


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Jonathan Dos Santos Literally Follows in his Brother’s Footsteps

Herbalife Nutrition was founded in 1980, by Mark Hughes. Herbalife is the leading manufacturer of nutritional products that aim to make peoples lives happier by providing a way for individuals to be healthier. A healthy lifestyle will make individuals feel better about themselves and in turn make the world a better place.

Today, Herballife is manufactured and sold all over the world. It’s net sales were over $4.5 billion in 2016 and sponsors over 190 elite athletes and sports teams across the world including the Major League Soccer team, Los Angeles Galaxy. With over 8000 employees and incredible social programs such as, the Herbalife Family Foundation and the Casa Herbalife, which help bring nutritious food and vitamins to malnourished children all over the world. Herbalife is changing the world with its programs and its sponsorship programs bring inspiration and happiness to millions of people.

Herbalife sponsors superstars such as, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jonathan Dos Santos. In May of 2018, Herbalife announced the beginning of a major multi-year sponsorship deal with LA Galaxy’s Jonathan Dos Santos who is playing on the Mexican National Team for this year’s World Cup held in Russia. The deal sees Herbalife sponsor the great young talent for the next four years, to the 2021 MLS season. Jonathan Dos Santos will be the company’s young star and face of the brand in North America.

The Herbalife products will help Dos Santos to live a healthier life and bring out the very best in the talented young man. The products will not only increase the footballers performance, but also enable him to reenergize himself quickly for those dreaded back-to-back games. This will set him apart from his competitors as he will have the Herbalife 24 line at his disposal, which are specially created nutritional products that optimize the dietary and hydration needs of the athlete.

Jonathan Dos Santos literally followed his brother’s footsteps. His first club was FC Barcelona where he graduated from the youth academy. He and his brother Giovani made their mark at Barcelona making it to the first team. He then went on to join Villareal with his brother in 2014 and finally in 2017 he was once again reunited with Giovani dos Santos at LA Galaxy. They, along with Herbalife will make for a formidable team and extremely competitive advantage for LA Galaxy. The team has done quite well in recent years and many believe it is due to their great organization as well as their unparalleled dietary and training practices so, can their success be attributed to Herbalife’s involvement? In many ways a great diet, great players, and a happy team can do wonders for the world.

Sightsavers Inclusive Eye Project

Sightsavers is trying to make their health programs inclusive for people with disabilities. In 2016 and 2017 Sightsavers tried different trials in their approach to eye health in Bophal, India. Sightsavers is currently reviewing all of the data that they gained in order to improve their method of treatment in future inclusive eye health projects.

Sightsavers has learned from the pilot project on how to provide access to services to individuals and communities. Sightsavers has learned which circumstances would better create inclusion and have also learned which circumstances are averse to inclusion and will help Sightsavers understand everyone’s journey for eye health.

So Far Sightsavers has Learned Several Things.

It is important to increase awareness. It is up to all of the partners at each level of the foundation to promote action in the community by promoting understanding and inclusion of people with disabilities. Adjustments need to be made to funnel the idea of inclusion in all existing projects.

It is important to make area hospitals more accessible to people with disabilities. Funds may need approval for senior level management to find ways to adapt existing infrastructure or build new accessible ramps and entrances.

It is vital to involve people with disabilities in key roles in order to develop programs that will promote inclusiveness. Such as accessibility audits and sensitization training. All of these factors will help break down the stigma and stereotypes about people with disabilities. They will also help bring attention to inclusion issues.

Form networks with other organizations that also want to work on inclusion. Open up to forming partnerships and collaborations with different implementers to work on inclusion and reach out to marginalized groups. These partnerships will work together to reach marginalized groups who don’t typically have access to eye health.

Sightsavers used the Washington Group set of questions to collect data and analyze it. All of the information in the data will determine how to proceed in shifting peoples attitude to providing access for people with disabilities. The information on current low levels of access by people with disabilities may spur people to implement programs that will increase access for people with disabilities, and the data may also be used in advocacy work.


Finally, Sightsavers learned that implementing inclusion projects takes a lot of time, takes tenacity, and needs dedicated leadership. Sightsavers to continue to improve eye health programs and advance disability rights across the world.


Vinod Gupta On Successful Entrepreneurship

Vinod Gupta kicked off his journey in entrepreneurship with the establishment of the American Business Information to provide information on national businesses in the US. He started out with a $100 bank loan which would later earn $680 million from the sale of his company. At the time of its sale, InfoGroup was to the mobile homes business what GPS and Google are today.

Advances in technology have had a telling effect on his business model over the years. Vinod Gupta sites the advent of artificial intelligence as an important development in the tech world. He has always focused more on long-term goals. He insists on the need of setting up a competent team to help deal with the day-to-day activities of any business. The team should be well informed on matters concerning the firm to be able to yield the best possible results. He also makes it a point to reward the top performers who go on to put in more effort towards the success of the firm. Vinod even likes to share his Lessons in Business for those that wants to be successful.

Everest Group, where Vinod currently serves as the managing general partner, helps struggling businesses to revamp their technology and customer service in order to change their fortunes. Everest Group also builds the capacity of the top leadership through tailor-made training programs.

As more entrepreneurs come on to the scene, Vinod Gupta believes that it is important for one to make sound judgments concerning risks if they hope to achieve much. Picking a single field and developing adequate skills on the same will also guarantee success. Vinod is an IT degree holder and completed his graduate studies from the University of Nebraska thanks to a scholarship. Go To This Page for more information.

Gupta attributes his success in businesses and love for education to his father who instilled in him a right attitude in his formative years. Vinod Gupta has given generously to charitable causes with the education sector in his homeland benefiting the most. Other than building schools to this effect, he has also supported science and business students through fellowship programs.


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