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Guilherme Paulus is the 69 year old proprietor of Latin America’s biggest tourism sector. He started CVC Brazil in 1972 when he was just 24 years old. His at that time accomplice, was a legislator in the Brazilian people group; however left four years after the venture started. He has graced the Forbes list several times and continues to flourish in the tourism industry. Amid 2005 Guilherme Paulus established GJP hotels and resorts, this association operates more than 15 hotels and resorts in the nation of Brazil and is hoping to venture into airports. His businesses have flourished tremendously especially since the world soccer event in 2014 taken after by the Summer Olympics two years continuing. Preceding entering the tourism industry, He was an assistant at IBM computers. Read his articles at Revista 100 Fronteiras to know more. Numerous individuals see Guilherme Paulus as a legend inside the industry. His persistence and drive has impelled his business endeavors. The Brazilian people have praised him for his capacity to win hands and enhance the tourism sector of their nation. In 2017, he was granted business visionary of the year for his services in the field. He has a passion for creating and producing jobs, and in general those are matters that need continuous vitality and exertion in Brazil. Guilherme Paulus has invested over a half billion dollars in Brazilian hotels and states hospitality as being the specialty of serving customer’s needs well. His newest line of hotels made upwards of 3000 business opportunities. Consistently since he first started working, Paulus and his businesses have developed exponentially. Hotels and properties obliging any kind of guest from the most modest to extravagance seekers, Guilherme Paulus has constructed a diverse domain. With increasing spikes in business development yearly, it does not give the idea that he is slowing down at any point in the near future. Residential luxury homes are the latest improvement projects compiled to the innovator’s resume. Read more:



Glen Wakeman’s Practical Mentorship

Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings which is a company that works towards enabling beginner financiers with the tools they require to become successful. This is done by providing them with online business planning services which they can choose and decide to implement. He is clear on how efficient it is for starter investors to be guided from the word go because they avoid drawbacks that are common when starting a business. Glen Wakeman has a background as a universal administrator, advisor, venture capitalist and inventor which means that he has the required experience to run his position competently. Additionally, he is a holder of Bachelors in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton which again explains his efficiency and passion in his line of work. To help beginner entrepreneurs achieve this, he makes use of software that creates a variety of questions which are meant to stimulate an image of the fundamental ideologies of a business plan. Additionally, he has an approach which he created called Wakeman’s five-step methodology, and this was after checking with various investors. The method has constituents such as marketing, operations, talent, financials as well as risk management which are basic when starting up a business but should as well be taken seriously.


Due to his real curiosity, Glen Wakeman has learned a lot of ideas that help in solving people’s problems as well as become innovative which ensures the satisfaction of their clients and that makes them gain confidence and trust in the services that are offered. Whatever challenges he faces in his career, he takes them positively to help him find a solution and gain experience if a similar problem recurs. Out of personal experience, Glen Wakeman advices entrepreneurs to become a part of commercial associations where they can offer ideas, contacts, and capital which as well benefits them in the process. Apart from him being a part of LaunchPad Holdings, he is as well the Founder and President of Nova Flour which is a business that gives strategic advice and access to capital for developing companies. With this kind of diversity, it means that his advice to young entrepreneur is out of his personal experience.

Christopher Linkas Advises the Young People to Learn Financial Management Skills

Owing to the low level of financial literacy, many young people end up making mistakes that dog them through their lives. Financial literacy is an important skill that the young people must seek if they are to have a chance in the investment world. It is a worrying trend that even though the young people are charged with managing finances both at personal and corporate level soon after completing their college; they are rarely taught how to do it prudently based on standard practices.

Student Loans

Another reason that greatly affects young people and hampers their ability to become financially independent is the choice to attend expensive schools. According to the financial analyst and investment adviser, young people and their parents are overly obsessed with attending expensive schools. The obsession leads to the young people committing to huge financial burdens that they carry to their career life. It is important to assess the value of the student loans extended by various bodies and only attend schools that one can afford to pay for or take a loan that falls within manageable amounts. Christopher Linkas says that if young people looked around, they would discover many options of schools that offer just as good an education as the one they would get in the expensive schools.

Brief on Mr. Christopher Linkas

Christopher Linkas plies his trade in the UK where he trained and has served for his entire career as an analyst in financial circles. He has collected a vast body of knowledge from the various companies he has worked for. He has a special place in his career about the financial well being of the youth who he says need to be educated on a range of financial skills. He laments that it is unfortunate that schools do not usually consider financial skills as a general and highly important area of one’s life. Christopher Linkas says that he has witnessed young people make terrible mistakes regarding their finances; mistakes that could be avoided if they were equipped with the right skills. He pointed out that the young people often create financial burdens even when they are still depending on their parents. He cites the issue of choice of schools, among others, as a primary cause of some of the financial quagmire that the young people grapple with.


Daniel Taub, an Orthodox Jew, and a leading diplomat was born in Britain in the early ’60s. He studied at University colleges of London and Oxford, and later went to Harvard University. He became the Israeli ambassador in 2011 after emigrating from UK 30 years before. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

His appointment had a great impact on Israel and UK. Several links were established and existing ones strengthened. For instance, the business, educational and cultural interactions became better.

Trade activities reportedly doubled over his time as ambassador. Said Javid concurred that the trade level reached its optimum level, often called the ‘golden era.’

Before being an ambassador, Daniel Taub served as a peace negotiator. He stated that people should feel free to air their views and express themselves freely without being afraid of intimidation or discrimination.

Daniel Taub gave up his citizenship in Britain to become an ambassador of Israel three decades after moving there. He expressed his happiness to be there and took it at a historical advantage.

He referred to Israel as his ancient homeland and hoped that his children would embrace the great opportunities that the country presented. Daniel Taub was aware that his actions would eventually be at an advantage to Israel and UK.

Ambassador Taub played his part accordingly as the Israeli ambassador, and after his term was over, many had a lot of positive things to say about him and his leadership.

Some of those who attended his farewell party referred to him as the most accomplished, liked, and successful Israeli envoy. They pointed out that he followed in the footsteps of the greatness of Shlomo Argov.

The good relations between Israel and Britain are highly beneficial putting into consideration the fact that Britain is termed as the global financial center. Ambassador Taub once said that when one is in a leadership position, one’s opinion and that of the country he represents should never be a problem.

He further explained that leadership is not a matter of opinion and differences. However, thoughtful dialogues and discussions see healthy and advisable. He identifies cooperation as a vital tool towards achieving great success.

Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Daniel Taub

The volatile situation in the Middle East has been concerning people for generations and with the advent of nuclear weaponry, this concern has been growing exponentially. One of the countries to make headlines recently for their pursuit of a nuclear arsenal has been Iran.

This concern was so troubling that the United Nations came together with the embattled country to form an agreement to attempt to prevent this from happening.

This Geneva Accord was meant to discourage the country from reaching their nuclear aspirations by limiting the levels of enrichment the uranium in their possession is allowed to be in exchange for the loosening and lifting of certain sanctions by the United Nations.

Unfortunately, experts like Daniel Taub and many residents in Israel as well as many other countries in the Middle East and the world don’t believe the actions being taken by the United Nations are enough even if their inspectors are allowed to enter the country.

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer and ambassador with decades of experience in his field. For years he served as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom and worked to bridge the gap between the countries while encouraging the UK to participate in Israel’s healing economy.

He believes that the deal with leave us all in danger because it does not do enough to prevent Iran from making a nuclear bomb that could devastate the world.

Much of the current focus is on the part of the deal concerning the enrichment of uranium. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

While it may require them to only import the material with an enrichment of less than 3.5% and to dilute their current stock, it does not require them to remove the equipment they possess that is designed to enrich the material.

The main piece of equipment on the radar for Daniel Taub is a large centrifuge that was built in the country after initial discussions began.

This was so troubling to people in the Middle East, including Daniel Taub, that many feel almost betrayed by the United Nations and are demanding personal accountability if an attack occurs on their soil.

Historically Israel has had poor relations with many of their surrounding countries over debates on the ownership of the tumultuous region known as the Gaza Strip that is paramount to many of the main religions in the world/ Even so, they are hoping to open up talks with these countries to support the best interests of them all.

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