Tour de Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus is the 69 year old proprietor of Latin America’s biggest tourism sector. He started CVC Brazil in 1972 when he was just 24 years old. His at that time accomplice, was a legislator in the Brazilian people group; however left four years after the venture started. He has graced the Forbes list several times and continues to flourish in the tourism industry. Amid 2005 Guilherme Paulus established GJP hotels and resorts, this association operates more than 15 hotels and resorts in the nation of Brazil and is hoping to venture into airports. His businesses have flourished tremendously especially since the world soccer event in 2014 taken after by the Summer Olympics two years continuing. Preceding entering the tourism industry, He was an assistant at IBM computers. Read his articles at Revista 100 Fronteiras to know more. Numerous individuals see Guilherme Paulus as a legend inside the industry. His persistence and drive has impelled his business endeavors. The Brazilian people have praised him for his capacity to win hands and enhance the tourism sector of their nation. In 2017, he was granted business visionary of the year for his services in the field. He has a passion for creating and producing jobs, and in general those are matters that need continuous vitality and exertion in Brazil. Guilherme Paulus has invested over a half billion dollars in Brazilian hotels and states hospitality as being the specialty of serving customer’s needs well. His newest line of hotels made upwards of 3000 business opportunities. Consistently since he first started working, Paulus and his businesses have developed exponentially. Hotels and properties obliging any kind of guest from the most modest to extravagance seekers, Guilherme Paulus has constructed a diverse domain. With increasing spikes in business development yearly, it does not give the idea that he is slowing down at any point in the near future. Residential luxury homes are the latest improvement projects compiled to the innovator’s resume. Read more: