Securus Technologies Customers Express Their Love

Securus Technologies recently released a report on feedback from its customers in corrections facilities. The comments were majorly based on how they (customers), have benefited from their use of technology provided by the company in solving and preventing crimes within their facilities, including inmate-on-inmate crimes. Richard Smith, Chairman and Securus Technologies C.E.O, said that the company develops new products or services on a weekly basis that helps corrections and law enforcement officials in solving or preventing crimes. He said that it was an honor for the company to receive such positive feedback from their customers since safety for inmates, their families, and the parolees is one of the company’s values.


Select customer feedback on using Securus Technologies products to in preventing and solving crimes.


The released customer feedback was edited to ensure their locations and names were kept anonymous. One customer thanked the company for enabling them to identify and arrest a corrupt staff who was selling contraband items to inmates. Another facility, through using the firm’s information management services, unearthed crimes such as the use of alcohol by inmates, suspicious phone conversations on cash transfers, threats and intimidation, sale and use of illegal drugs within the facility and a civilian working in the facility selling prescription medicine to inmates. Other customers expressed their satisfaction with the firms continued commitment to revolutionize the prisons’ environment as well as improving the facilities’ jail security. Most of the feedback lauded investigative tools, including the LBS software provided by the firm, as very effective.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has for the past 25 years, provided the Corrections Department with technology solutions to ensure safety within correction facilities. The firm serves over 3,000 prisons containing 1,200,000 inmates. The company has focused on providing technology solutions and has partnered with various technology firms to improve its services.

Crime Prevention Today With Securus Technologies

Crime prevention can be greatly helped today with Securus Technologie at the helm. working now with law enforcement since 2016, the inmate communicator is one way that crime prevention can occur today. It’s truly amazing how easily inmates can reveal vital information that can help the system crack the case, and incarcerate them. Nobody said that criminals were intelligent. This is how it can help.


Contraband is used by inmates to gain power and control over others. This can be very dangerous to the entire balance of the correction facility. Securus Technologies has an inmate communicator system that is used to prevent that. It can find and stop the use of contraband, and the presence of it. Officers can then raid the facility to gain the contraband back and restore the power to normal. This protects everyone involved.


That is just the tip of the iceberg though. It turns out that this same system can be used to help solve cases, some of which were previously cold cases. It does this by monitoring the inmate’s conversations. Say an inmate is talking to someone on the outside about what to say to the police when they come around. This information can reveal the fact that person in custody is in fact, very guilty of the suspected crimes. It really is pure genius.


Law enforcement can now take that valuable information and then truly have probable cause to hold the person, search their place of business, where they live and so on to find the needed evidence to prosecute. Not only that, but the system evidence is admissible in court.


That same person could reveal names, other places, and even discuss future plans of criminal activity. Gang affiliations can be shown and everyone involved can arrest for interrogation to solve the case.


With Securus Technologies, People Are Safe

When the correction facilities around the country were in need of technology to assist them with controlling the crimes that were occurring when the inmates were using the wireless networks, Securus Technologies stepped in to create a technology that would work. It is called the Wireless Containment Solution. Since they invented the technology, the problems in the facilities have lessened, and they are having great success with it. This is an exceptional company that stops at nothing to complete a project, and they are known for their expertise and perfection when they do.


They didn’t have the expertise or the ability to complete the mission, and Securus Technologies stepped to the plate to complete the project.


Since the company wants the public to know more about what they do, they have decided have them down to their business location in TX. It is stationed in Dallas, and when the people are there, they will be given a tour and presentation of it.  People will learn a lot by attending this event, and they can ask questions too. Once they learn how important the work the company does, they will want to follow them in the headlines to see what they are to on an ongoing basis.


Securus Technologies will continue to develop more technologies to better the public safety field. This is why they are the leader in the industry, because they have the expertise and the staff to do so.  Assisting with over a million incarcerated people with techniques like monitoring, investigating and videotaping, they are able to solve and prevent a lot of crimes. In the future, they plan to create more technologies every week because their goal is to create a world where everyone is safe to work and live.