Dr Eric Forsthoefel Medical Career

Emergency entails and concerned with treating serious conditions that require urgent and immediate attention. Dr. Eric is a professional doctor Dr performs his tasks to earn a living. He performs his medicine tasks in Tallahassee, Florida. He also has a relationship with Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare. At this organization, he deals with the general emergency and the emergency medicine. Dr. Eric has specialized in the treatment of trauma, cuts, fractures, cardiac distress as well as acute illness.

Any time you feel unwell, it is important to seek medical attention from professionals and well experienced and trained doctors. Dr. Eric has expensive experience in treating emergency cases. He has practicing experience for more than seven years. He is sufficiently trained so that he can employ quick and save life-saving mechanisms and decisions that patients depends on to stay safe and to survive. Dr. Eric is a skilled personnel who stabilizes his patients while still analyzing them in order to know whether they are in the best condition of being discharged or they might need serious attention before and after they are discharged.

Dr. Eric is a graduate from University of Louisville School of Medicine. This is the school that equipped Dr. Eric with extensive experience back in the year 2009. He later joined Shreveport’s Louisiana university school of medicine where he finished higher education in medicine. He graduated with a second degree in medicine in the year 2012. Having trained as an emergency doctor, he was certified and accredited by different medical bodies such as the FL State medical license, American Board of Emergency and LA State Medical license. Recently he was ranked among the 30 qualified doctors at the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital who have skills and experience in the field of emergency. In his faculty, he works with other skilled doctors such as Dr. Ernesto Umana and Dr. Frank Gredler.

Dr. Eric is of Spanish origin though he speaks English like an English native speaker. He has numerous insurance covers such as First Health and Medicare insurance plans.

In conclusion, if you want to see Dr. Eric you can find him at the Memorial Healthcare (Tallahassee) which is based at Bixler Emergency Center.


Dr. Saad Saad: Believing in Two Life Principles

Dr. Saad Saad is a dedicated physician who worked in the medical field for more than 47 years. He is recognized for his efforts to bring medical services to the less fortunate people, and he also initiated several medical missions across the United States and Palestine. He is also an inventor who managed to develop two medical devices and procedures that would minimize the risk of performing surgeries. Dr. Saad Saad is proud of his achievements, and he stated that he would keep on helping those who need medical help. He continues to serve the people providing them with medical assistance and other things that could help them live a long and healthy life.



Dr. Saad Saad believes in two life principles – he believes that one should always strive for success, and he also believes that one should not wait for tomorrow to finish things that can be done today. When he was still a child, his father repeatedly told him that one of the ingredients of success would be hard work. Life is tough when he was younger, because of the political issues that arose in the state of Palestine. His family was relocated instantly after the state of Israel came to be, and they were never able to return to their homes. He and his family soon transferred to Kuwait, where his father became a skilled laborer in the newly established petroleum industry. The reason why he chose to be a surgeon was that of the hot summer sun in Kuwait, which caused him to become unconscious. He later discovered that he is not fit for outdoor labor, and he wanted to work inside an air-conditioned room which can only be found inside the operating room during this time. He studied hard to be accepted into medical school, and he was recognized as the salutatorian after he finished studying.



The second life lesson that he learned would be avoiding procrastination. He knew that procrastination would only have bad results, and it could ruin his career. After he graduated from the medical school, Dr. Saad Saad decided to immigrate to the United States to live and work there. He also worked hard to gain two certifications – one for general surgery and another one for pediatric surgery. He also developed several devices and procedures that would make surgeries a lot better when he was in the United States. Today, he already retired from being a medical worker, but he keeps on working hard to discover new things that would enhance the surgical procedures available to most people today. Learn more : https://angel.co/saad-saad-2


Saad Saad: Using Personal Experience to Create Innovative Medical Devices

For over four decades, Dr. Saad Saad has dedicated his life to pediatric surgery. During this period, he has made landmark inventions by continually tapping into his wealth of experience and vast knowledge in the field and beyond. Driven by the urge to ease the pain that many of his patients experienced during surgery, Dr. Saad invented various devices and medical procedures and patented them. By the time he retired, he had performed countless complex surgical procedures during numerous medical missions in West Bank and the United States and while working at Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal Hospital and K Hovnanian Children Hospital in the United States. His revolutionary inventions, which reduce medical-related risks faced by patients, have challenged the status quo in medical practice and saved many lives over the years.


Revolutionary Inventions


Catheters serve vital medical functions. They save and support numerous lives daily. In addition to being used for surgical purposes, they can also be used to relieve the body of various fluids as part of treatment and recovery procedure. Despite their importance in medical practice, the process of tracking the location of traditional medical catheters after insertion into the body present medical risks due to the repeated use of X-ray and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans. To overcome this risk, Dr. Saad invented a medical catheter that uses electromagnetic energy marker to track its location externally. He integrated an electromagnetic location identifier into the catheter to enable doctors to illuminate its location using an external detector. To make life easier for surgeons and medical practitioners, Dr. Saad’s invention comes with guide wires that helps the doctors to track the placement of the catheter safely.


Dr. Saad also patented a new suction device that he invented with the primary goal of helping surgeons during endoscopic surgeries. Traditional endoscopic surgeries are performed using a suction device that is easily clogged by body fluid. When suction tubes are clogged, the doctors are forced to remove and clean them before reinserting them back into the patient during a surgical procedure. This poses significant risks to the patient as it requires extended surgery time and difficulty in accurately reinserting the tube. Having encountered these problems during the numerous surgeries he performed as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad created a suction-irrigation device. The irrigation component clears the doctor’s view during endoscopic surgery.


Education Background


Dr. Saad is a vastly experienced pediatric surgeon with a solid academic background. He graduated with honors from Cairo University with a degree in medicine after moving to the country from Kuwait where his parents had settled. Born in Palestine, Saad is well traveled. In addition to his time in England as an intern, he also served the royal family in Saudi Arabia before relocating to the United States to practice surgery. The bilingual pediatric surgeon is a board-certified professional who recently retired after 47 years of practice. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad