The Impressive Rally Career of Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is a highly successful rally driver from Brazil. At 44, Terpins has successfully completed five Sertões Rally and secured a place for himself among the great names in Brazilian rally history. Rodrigo Terpins was born into an athletic family. Rodrigo is the son of celebrated basketball player ack Terpins. Mr. Terpins has also been the president at both the Maccabi Latin American Confederation and Latin American Jewish Council.

It is behind this backdrop that Rodrigo started his rally career, attempting to create a name for himself in the sporting world and step from his father’s shadow. He has attained this goal as he has become a household name in Brazil for his exploits on the rally track. Racing for the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, Rodrigo Terpins has participated in and won numerous off-road rally championships and attained a reputation as a formidable force in Brazilian rally.

His teammate and partner on the rally is his brother Michel Terpins. Together, they have ridden to victory and glory on many occasions, attaining both local and international acclaim for their chemistry both on and off the track. Over the past four seasons, their car of choice has been the T-Rex which was made specifically for them by the MEM Motorsport organization. This has been their signature ride over the past four years, and they have used it to successfully complete races on different occasions during that period.

One such occasion was when Rodrigo Terpins participated in the 22nd Sertoes Rally championship. This is one of the most elite rally championships in Brazil, traversing two states, taking seven different and diverse courses and covering an estimated 2,600 kilometers. The championship is a test on the riders’ ability to be dynamic and agile, both mentally and physically. The Terpins finished 3rd and were ranked 8th out of a total of 38 racers who participated. Check out his website

Rodrigo Terpins is also a keen enthusiast of the T1 prototype category and has admitted on many occasions that this is one of the main reasons why he may not quit the rally anytime soon. Currently, Rodrigo is focused on participating in the Cuesta off-road championship and has promised nothing short of a win.