Tammy Massocco is a Real Estate Artist

Tammy Mazzocco sells real estate. She sells a lot of it. Her passion is selling real estate. She likes it because she can be uniquely herself and have fun doing it. She makes a good income and answers to no one but herself. With this formula, she is content and eager to start the next day after just finishing this day, which was super busy.

This is the life of a successful real estate agent, and that describes Tammy Mazzocco, the lady who got her start as a secretary to a nine-man commercial real estate company. She learned a lot working for that group, but in 1995 she moved on to manage a condominium development, and while there she obtained her real estate license at the urging of her boss.

In 1998 she worked as a licensed assistant to Joe Armeni, a very successful RE/MAX agent and while here, saw up-close what a successful real estate office is and how it works. She also observed what a great income opportunity real estate offers, and she figured that she could take advantage of the opportunity.

In 1999, she joined the Judy Gang RE/MAX agency in Pickerington, Ohio. Judy had been a friend and a mentor and was a great help in helping Tammy launch her career. Tammy discovered that the real estate part of the business is one thing, but the real challenges came from the people part of the business.

Tammy did a lot of thinking about the people part of the equation and she knows that real estate buyers sometimes bring a lot of baggage to the table. Tammy has discovered that if you can somehow ease the pain, you can sell the house. For example, if the new house can be a part of a good solution then you can sell the house.

Tammy makes a concerted effort to treat clients in the same manner that she would prefer to be treated herself. People can sense when you are sincere and when you are not. Tammy focuses directly on the client and has zero focus on her issues when she is selling the house.

Tammy is also the real estate lady that puts together gift baskets or a jar of cookies and goodies and leaves them at a school lounge or police or fire station. She then asks if it would be ok to stop back in a month or so and refill the basket or jar.

It is the little things that count, but having your name before the public helps too.

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