PSI Pay and The Best Years It Currently Experiences With Its Partnerships

With the rise of crypto currencies right now, such as Bitcoin, it’s easy to say that the world is welcoming technologies today that are more digital and integrated to our smartphones and computers. But as the digital world is getting more centralized, so are the problems about security and identity theft. Fortunately, there are now solutions today that address such concerns. One of these tech companies that have the mechanism, energy and expertise to protect us from the hidden risks of wearable tech is PSI Pay.


The Benefits Provided For PSI Pay

The good thing about the online banking company PSI Pay is that it is already integrated in the prepaid debit and major credit card companies today. This means that you don’t even have to worry about integrating all your credit card bills with what PSI Pay offers. The services offered by the company are made even more robust because of the integration of Fintech company , Kerv Wearables.


Changing Times

The integration of PSI Pay and Kerv Wearables in making what is now called the Smart Ring is also very timely because the world is now adapting to a tech-dependent world. We no longer need plastic money, as evidenced by the online exchange of currencies we have at our disposal. With the wearable ring, we would no longer be needing a wallet even and we don’t need to input our information when we buy things in stores, because it’s already integrated in the ring that you can just wear anywhere you go.


The Best Financial Year

Another exciting thing that we can read from The Prepaid Forum is the fact that PSI-Pay has already seen its best year this 2015. It has completed its strategic goals to build the structures it needs to sustain the competition in digital commerce and in building the right framework for its workforce to build a more technologically capable firm. There’s also a significant growth seen in the area of payment card program subscriptions and sponsorships, which in turn grows the company to more greater success in the coming years. With collaboration with more companies, the future for PSI would still be even more promising.