Federal Courts Have Ruled That All Beer Labels Must Show Which Grains Have Been Used

     Bruno Fagali mentions in his blog that, breweries tried to stop it, but they have to comply with new federal regulations.

You might look at a beer label and wonder exactly what unmalted grains are and what beer is made of and someone who thinks they are an expert on the subject might tell you that it is made of hops, water, barley malt, and unmalted grains. They might explain that beer can also be made from unmalted grains like corn, oats, soy, sorghum, rice, and a combination of all of these grains. You might ask exactly which malt grains are used, but it is unlikely that the person will know the exact malt grains used to make the beer.

The Fagali blog post reports that Federal Judge Juliano Taveira Bernardes from the 4th Court of the Judicial Branch of the State of Goiás handed down a new ruling that all beer labels must clearly state all the grains that were used to brew the beer. The judge believes that consumers should have the right to know which ingredients have been used in the brewing of beer.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office filed an injunction requesting that all brewers should show on their labels all malted and unmalted grains used in their beer within 60 days. After receiving a response from the defendants, the federal judge rejected the preliminary injunction. The issue could have been settled on a consensual basis but none of the parties came to an agreement, and it was left up to a judge to pass his ruling.

Fagali believes that the judge must have considered all parties and at one point even brought up U.S legislation to give some examples before making a ruling. Fagali does not explain in depth the ruling as it is extensive and contains many documents. However, he does explain some details. To sum it up consumers have basic rights, and those include information about certain services and products regarding quality, characteristics, and composition. The information must be given in a clear and accurate manner. As the judge states according to law 8,918 all of the labelings of ingredients are required by law and all breweries must list their ingredients on their beer label.

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Sightsavers Inclusive Eye Project

Sightsavers is trying to make their health programs inclusive for people with disabilities. In 2016 and 2017 Sightsavers tried different trials in their approach to eye health in Bophal, India. Sightsavers is currently reviewing all of the data that they gained in order to improve their method of treatment in future inclusive eye health projects.

Sightsavers has learned from the pilot project on how to provide access to services to individuals and communities. Sightsavers has learned which circumstances would better create inclusion and have also learned which circumstances are averse to inclusion and will help Sightsavers understand everyone’s journey for eye health.

So Far Sightsavers has Learned Several Things.

It is important to increase awareness. It is up to all of the partners at each level of the foundation to promote action in the community by promoting understanding and inclusion of people with disabilities. Adjustments need to be made to funnel the idea of inclusion in all existing projects.

It is important to make area hospitals more accessible to people with disabilities. Funds may need approval for senior level management to find ways to adapt existing infrastructure or build new accessible ramps and entrances.

It is vital to involve people with disabilities in key roles in order to develop programs that will promote inclusiveness. Such as accessibility audits and sensitization training. All of these factors will help break down the stigma and stereotypes about people with disabilities. They will also help bring attention to inclusion issues.

Form networks with other organizations that also want to work on inclusion. Open up to forming partnerships and collaborations with different implementers to work on inclusion and reach out to marginalized groups. These partnerships will work together to reach marginalized groups who don’t typically have access to eye health.

Sightsavers used the Washington Group set of questions to collect data and analyze it. All of the information in the data will determine how to proceed in shifting peoples attitude to providing access for people with disabilities. The information on current low levels of access by people with disabilities may spur people to implement programs that will increase access for people with disabilities, and the data may also be used in advocacy work.


Finally, Sightsavers learned that implementing inclusion projects takes a lot of time, takes tenacity, and needs dedicated leadership. Sightsavers to continue to improve eye health programs and advance disability rights across the world.



Bruno Fagali Makes a Point of Giving Back

     Even though Bruno Fagali is one of the top lawyers in the country, he still knows there are things he can do that will help people see positive opportunities. He spent a lot of time learning about the experiences people have when dealing with lawyers and he wanted to change that. Since Bruno Fagali spent so much time in the legal world, he felt it was important to keep giving people a chance to see what he could do while making a difference. No matter what other people were interested in, Bruno Fagali knew how to help them and wasn’t afraid to make sure they got the experiences that would help them. It was his goal of helping that prompted him to make positive choices and give everyone the options they needed. It was also something he felt strongly about because he spent so much time doing things the right way.

For Bruno Fagali to do this, he had to come up with a plan that would give him the chance to reach people he couldn’t reach in the past. It was his goal of helping that made it easier for him to try different things. Bruno Fagali liked giving back and wasn’t afraid of the options he could use while reaching out to other people. If he could reach them, he could show them the opportunities they had for success by using an attorney. He did all of this from the blog he set up so he could keep helping people.

Even after Bruno Fagali spent time trying to show people how they could do things right, he knew there were positive experiences that came from showing people things they could keep using. He also knew there were times when people had to make the right choices to get where they wanted to go. No matter the issues that people had or the things they did, Bruno Fagali felt it was his job to keep showing them how they could be successful. As an attorney, he could give them advice on the next steps to take to get different places.

Check http://fagali.jusbrasil.com.br/ for more.

Conor Lamb and End Citizens United Team up in Pennsylvania Special Election

     The times are certainly changing in the political world. Since the election of Donald Trump to the White House, there has been a renewed effort by progressives everywhere to get out and vote. With the 2018 Midterm Elections approaching, there is no better time than now to try and make a difference. End Citizens United is certainly doing their part and that is why the political action committee has endorsed Conor Lamb in his hunt for a Congressional seat in Pennsylvania’s 18th District.

Conor Lamb is far from an established Democrat, thanks in large part to his youth, but End Citizens United sees something special in the prospective Congressman. Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District seat opened up after Republican representative Tim Murphy was forced to resign in disgrace after it came to light that he was pressuring an extramarital affair to have an abortion — two factors that are big no-nos. Lamb will be running against Rick Saccone for the seat. While this specific district is deep red, End Citizens United and Conor Lamb already see a path to victory.

We need only to look to Alabama in order to see that there are real changes going on in 2018. Since Trump was elected, Democrats have picked up 34 state seats, a governor seat and a Senate seat all while Republicans have only managed to pick up four state seats. That doesn’t mean that Conservatives are packing it in, however, as Donald Trump has already taken to Twitter in order to endorse Saccone.

No matter what Trump and the RNC decide to do, the fact that Lamb was able to pick up an endorsement from End Citizens United is a big deal. End Citizens United is one of the leading progressive political action committees in the country and they have been instrumental in the energized blue base that we have seen in 2018. End Citizens United was established in order to champion campaign finance reform and their primary goal is to put legislators in place who will be willing to strip the 2010 Supreme Court decision surrounding Citizens United. Lamb is one of those progressives who seems more than willing to stand up for and champion campaign finance reform.

Democrats everywhere have seen a boost in energy from their base since Trump’s election. The resistance movement is growing and people like Lamb are being put into a position where they can become long-lasting difference makers for their party. With ECU at his side, Lamb could be prepared to shock the world.

See http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/05/james-bopp-citizens-united/.

Betsy DeVos has the Will Power to Push America in a Certain Direction

President Donald Trump introduced a woman with little political experience to the world as his pick for Secretary of Education. Her name is Betsy DeVos, and most people in the United States did not know much about her. Still, little nuggets of information began to pour in as soon as she was picked by President Trump, and things were not looking great.


People learned that she believed in school choice, which basically means that parents get to choose the schools their kids can attend, be it religious, private, or public. The system would use vouchers, and parents can use the money collected through taxes in whatever way they choose. The problem is that Betsy also believes that the government should not vet or regulate private or religious schools. In essence, she wants these types of institutions to take taxpayer money without answering to the government of the people. Learn more: http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/interview_with_betsy_devos


Betsy’s plan for schools has been activate in Michigan. Many residents of the state now have the choice to have their kids go to private schools. The problem is that this initiative has also made it impossible for small public schools to stay open, meaning kids from poor communities now have no school to go to. There is little to no public transportation in some of these neighborhoods, which forces these kids to walk for miles before they get to their schools. It seems that DeVos is very proud of her success in Michigan, which is part of the reason public education officials and teachers are scared of her.


There is no doubt that Betsy is not afraid to use wealth to get her way. She is driven by her desire to see parents take their kids to Christian-based schools as she is a devout Christian herself. Mike Cox, a former state attorney general for Michigan, talked about the massive money-funded power she is not afraid to use to undermine public education, which she feels has failed Americans. Still, she was ready to defend her positions and promise Americans that she was ready to fight for them and whatever they wanted.


Betsy’s confirmation hearing in front of the Senate and in front of the world was going to give her a chance to defend herself but, needless to say, that did not go as planned. DeVos seemed confused at times in front of the Senate and gave nonsensical answers to some of their questions. It appeared that she was in over her head. Betsy did not seem to know much about public education though she did criticize it. Some believed her thoughts did not have much substance.


Perhaps one of the most unintentionally comical moments during the entire hearing was the moment she attempted to defend guns in schools. It seems like Betsy is afraid that bears would rise up and attempt to break down the school fence to gain access to educational facilities. This inevitable bear attack makes it necessary for schools to have weapons in order to have a fighting chance against this bear revolution. Late night comedy shows poked fun at her answer and her overall ignorance, but none of that mattered. Mike Pence, VP to President Trump, helped vote this woman into her position after the Senate vote tied.