Daniel Taub

The volatile situation in the Middle East has been concerning people for generations and with the advent of nuclear weaponry, this concern has been growing exponentially. One of the countries to make headlines recently for their pursuit of a nuclear arsenal has been Iran.

This concern was so troubling that the United Nations came together with the embattled country to form an agreement to attempt to prevent this from happening.

This Geneva Accord was meant to discourage the country from reaching their nuclear aspirations by limiting the levels of enrichment the uranium in their possession is allowed to be in exchange for the loosening and lifting of certain sanctions by the United Nations.

Unfortunately, experts like Daniel Taub and many residents in Israel as well as many other countries in the Middle East and the world don’t believe the actions being taken by the United Nations are enough even if their inspectors are allowed to enter the country.

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer and ambassador with decades of experience in his field. For years he served as the Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom and worked to bridge the gap between the countries while encouraging the UK to participate in Israel’s healing economy.

He believes that the deal with leave us all in danger because it does not do enough to prevent Iran from making a nuclear bomb that could devastate the world.

Much of the current focus is on the part of the deal concerning the enrichment of uranium. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

While it may require them to only import the material with an enrichment of less than 3.5% and to dilute their current stock, it does not require them to remove the equipment they possess that is designed to enrich the material.

The main piece of equipment on the radar for Daniel Taub is a large centrifuge that was built in the country after initial discussions began.

This was so troubling to people in the Middle East, including Daniel Taub, that many feel almost betrayed by the United Nations and are demanding personal accountability if an attack occurs on their soil.

Historically Israel has had poor relations with many of their surrounding countries over debates on the ownership of the tumultuous region known as the Gaza Strip that is paramount to many of the main religions in the world/ Even so, they are hoping to open up talks with these countries to support the best interests of them all.

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