Federal Courts Have Ruled That All Beer Labels Must Show Which Grains Have Been Used

     Bruno Fagali mentions in his blog that, breweries tried to stop it, but they have to comply with new federal regulations.

You might look at a beer label and wonder exactly what unmalted grains are and what beer is made of and someone who thinks they are an expert on the subject might tell you that it is made of hops, water, barley malt, and unmalted grains. They might explain that beer can also be made from unmalted grains like corn, oats, soy, sorghum, rice, and a combination of all of these grains. You might ask exactly which malt grains are used, but it is unlikely that the person will know the exact malt grains used to make the beer.

The Fagali blog post reports that Federal Judge Juliano Taveira Bernardes from the 4th Court of the Judicial Branch of the State of Goiás handed down a new ruling that all beer labels must clearly state all the grains that were used to brew the beer. The judge believes that consumers should have the right to know which ingredients have been used in the brewing of beer.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office filed an injunction requesting that all brewers should show on their labels all malted and unmalted grains used in their beer within 60 days. After receiving a response from the defendants, the federal judge rejected the preliminary injunction. The issue could have been settled on a consensual basis but none of the parties came to an agreement, and it was left up to a judge to pass his ruling.

Fagali believes that the judge must have considered all parties and at one point even brought up U.S legislation to give some examples before making a ruling. Fagali does not explain in depth the ruling as it is extensive and contains many documents. However, he does explain some details. To sum it up consumers have basic rights, and those include information about certain services and products regarding quality, characteristics, and composition. The information must be given in a clear and accurate manner. As the judge states according to law 8,918 all of the labelings of ingredients are required by law and all breweries must list their ingredients on their beer label.

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