Glen Wakeman’s Practical Mentorship

Glen Wakeman is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings which is a company that works towards enabling beginner financiers with the tools they require to become successful. This is done by providing them with online business planning services which they can choose and decide to implement. He is clear on how efficient it is for starter investors to be guided from the word go because they avoid drawbacks that are common when starting a business. Glen Wakeman has a background as a universal administrator, advisor, venture capitalist and inventor which means that he has the required experience to run his position competently. Additionally, he is a holder of Bachelors in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton which again explains his efficiency and passion in his line of work. To help beginner entrepreneurs achieve this, he makes use of software that creates a variety of questions which are meant to stimulate an image of the fundamental ideologies of a business plan. Additionally, he has an approach which he created called Wakeman’s five-step methodology, and this was after checking with various investors. The method has constituents such as marketing, operations, talent, financials as well as risk management which are basic when starting up a business but should as well be taken seriously.


Due to his real curiosity, Glen Wakeman has learned a lot of ideas that help in solving people’s problems as well as become innovative which ensures the satisfaction of their clients and that makes them gain confidence and trust in the services that are offered. Whatever challenges he faces in his career, he takes them positively to help him find a solution and gain experience if a similar problem recurs. Out of personal experience, Glen Wakeman advices entrepreneurs to become a part of commercial associations where they can offer ideas, contacts, and capital which as well benefits them in the process. Apart from him being a part of LaunchPad Holdings, he is as well the Founder and President of Nova Flour which is a business that gives strategic advice and access to capital for developing companies. With this kind of diversity, it means that his advice to young entrepreneur is out of his personal experience.