Jim Toner’s Return To The Real Estate Game

In 2010, Jim Toner decided to walk away from the real estate world. He stated that he and several others had been scammed by a man in Phoenix, Arizona who claimed to be a real estate guru, but instead wound up ruining Toner both financially and personally. Toner admitted real estate was no longer something he enjoyed, and that many who professed to be “gurus” were the furthest thing from that moniker.

Jim Toner did rebound by writing the book “Send in the Wolves” about how businesses and entrepreneurs can increase their business presence. The book ultimately made it to number one on Amazon. It was around this time that Toner spoke to a friend who urged him to get back into the real estate business. But after his experience with the Phoenix “guru,” Toner had no interest in doing so.

A few months later, that same friend asked Jim Toner if he had changed his mind. The friend explained that Toner had so much success, that he could help many people, and could not understand how he could just give all that up.

That sparked Jim Toner’s interest in real estate again. But this time, he would re-enter that world on his terms. Toner wanted to pick the market he wanted to operate in, and find the best agent in that market to be on his team. He started off in Akron, Ohio — which he called an underrated market — and his new business venture took off from there.

Jim Toner said his goal was to establish his brand as the number one real estate training company in the world. He also wanted good people working for him, and in turn, he would take care of those people so they can become the best real estate agents possible. Though he said real estate can be dirty, Jim Tomer added that sometimes, the good guys can win in it. Get the facts on how to achieve financial independence from Jim Toner.

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