Jonathan Dos Santos Literally Follows in his Brother’s Footsteps

Herbalife Nutrition was founded in 1980, by Mark Hughes. Herbalife is the leading manufacturer of nutritional products that aim to make peoples lives happier by providing a way for individuals to be healthier. A healthy lifestyle will make individuals feel better about themselves and in turn make the world a better place.

Today, Herballife is manufactured and sold all over the world. It’s net sales were over $4.5 billion in 2016 and sponsors over 190 elite athletes and sports teams across the world including the Major League Soccer team, Los Angeles Galaxy. With over 8000 employees and incredible social programs such as, the Herbalife Family Foundation and the Casa Herbalife, which help bring nutritious food and vitamins to malnourished children all over the world. Herbalife is changing the world with its programs and its sponsorship programs bring inspiration and happiness to millions of people.

Herbalife sponsors superstars such as, Cristiano Ronaldo and Jonathan Dos Santos. In May of 2018, Herbalife announced the beginning of a major multi-year sponsorship deal with LA Galaxy’s Jonathan Dos Santos who is playing on the Mexican National Team for this year’s World Cup held in Russia. The deal sees Herbalife sponsor the great young talent for the next four years, to the 2021 MLS season. Jonathan Dos Santos will be the company’s young star and face of the brand in North America.

The Herbalife products will help Dos Santos to live a healthier life and bring out the very best in the talented young man. The products will not only increase the footballers performance, but also enable him to reenergize himself quickly for those dreaded back-to-back games. This will set him apart from his competitors as he will have the Herbalife 24 line at his disposal, which are specially created nutritional products that optimize the dietary and hydration needs of the athlete.

Jonathan Dos Santos literally followed his brother’s footsteps. His first club was FC Barcelona where he graduated from the youth academy. He and his brother Giovani made their mark at Barcelona making it to the first team. He then went on to join Villareal with his brother in 2014 and finally in 2017 he was once again reunited with Giovani dos Santos at LA Galaxy. They, along with Herbalife will make for a formidable team and extremely competitive advantage for LA Galaxy. The team has done quite well in recent years and many believe it is due to their great organization as well as their unparalleled dietary and training practices so, can their success be attributed to Herbalife’s involvement? In many ways a great diet, great players, and a happy team can do wonders for the world.