Kevin Seawright Aims to Touch More Lives in Newark

Kevin Seawright is a financial professional. He’s the CFO and VP of Newark CEDC (community economic development corporation). The company specializes in managing economic development through business capitalization as well as regulatory frameworks. Kevin’s work at the organization is to attract potential investors. Newark CEDC uses funds from investors to accelerate the economic development of Newark area.

Seawright has consistently grown his career and business portfolio. He began working as a financial expert in Baltimore City. He was in charge of the city’s financial management. Kevin is passionate about incorporating operational management, business capital, and technology in business to achieve growth as well as the organizational goals.

His vast experience in the field of finance has helped him acquire in-depth knowledge of state policies. Kevin Seawright harmonizes the objectives of Newark CEDC with the needs of the locals. This has enabled him to develop an excellent rapport with the community and the organization’s investors. He believes that a business needs to build strong relationships to prosper. Additionally, he believes in developing win-win partnerships.

Kevin works with local and international investors to help them achieve success and efficiency. As the organization’s vice president, he has restructured Newark’s business model with the aim of improving productivity. Mr. Seawright also seeks to achieve some balance between the CEDC’s receivables and payables.

PR Newswire stated that Kevin Seawright understands the importance of hiring top talent. His efforts have helped the organization increase its transactional turnover and enhance service delivery. He strives to foster strong relationships between the local businesses, residents as well as the city officials.

Before joining Newark CEDC, Kevin Seawright worked at the Baltimore Community College. The institution enjoyed extensive collaboration with business and local communities because of his impressive leadership skills.

Kevin is recognized for his commitment to developing efficient operational budgets for Baltimore City. He has received recognition of excellence and multiple industry awards for his great works in the finance sector. Also, he’s involved in various initiatives that work towards improving the quality of life for the people living in Newark.

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