More Than 100 Assets Available Says AvaTrade Review

Are there enough assets on AvaTrade to keep you interested? Some of these other Forex brokers seem very limited. What did the latest AvaTrade Review discover?


AvaTrade Assets

Way back in 2006, before the Credit Crunch, AvaTrade started its business. How many Forex brokers founded from way back then are still around? The survivors have become industry leaders.


The AvaTrade minimum deposit is only USD$250 – this is about average for Forex brokers. AvaTrade offers the standard demo account for practice. You can open up a mini, managed or Islamic account.


There are 5 regulatory agencies establishing requirements for AvaTrade. This is a Dublin based firm. It has branches in Paris, Beijing and Mongolia.


There are 4 x dozen of the most popular currency pairs available at AvaTrade. Bitcoin was added in 2013. You can also trade stock pairs from UK, US, Japan or Germany on AvaTrade.


Digital Currencies

Every decade or so, there are hot assets for trading. If you estimate whether the future price will go up or down, you can make profits through Forex. This is a great way to profit from the Cryptocurrency Revolution.


Every week or so, there is important news, including ICOs. AvaTrade was one of the early adopters of digital coins. You can make a lot of money, if you guess correctly.


Plenty of Opportunity

There might have been a “changing of the guard” in 2013. That was when AvaTrade added Bitcoin. This was not a popular move for the mainstream banks. AvaTrade didn’t care.


It saw the potential of adding a hot new asset. Since then, AvaTrade members have had an advantage by being able to trade Bitcoin.


With this cutting-edge move, AvaTrade became an industry leader. It showed that it was not going to be held back by High Street or Wall Street. This bold move might have led FX Empire to give AvaTrade annual awards from 2013 to 2016.


You have more than 100 assets to trade at AvaTrade. This is plenty of opportunity to control your destiny. Get more money in your pockets.