The Team Behind Meriwether Group

Meriwether Group is a business accelerator and advisory company that his headquartered in Portland, Oregon. The company helps entrepreneurs meet their potential and “Fulfill Their Journey”. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meriwether Group is David Howitt. He has worked for international companies including Adidas. He has also founded a number of his own companies including Oregon Chai, which he launched with his wife, that they successfully sold in 2004. Other companies that he has worked for includes among others Stumptown Coffee, Dave’s Killer Bread, Living Harvest, and Salomon.

David’s son, Sawyer Howitt, also works for the Meriwether Group and is fulfilling his own entrepreneurial spirit. As a Project Manager, he is focused on revolutionizing the world of commerce and retail. His specialty is RFID checkout where customers will soon be able to purchase products in stores and never need to checkout at a register.


Jim Hunt’s Career In Stock Trading And Financing As Told To Ideamensch

Jim Hunt VTA Publications may not be the featured man you see on the covers of Forbes or Fortune, but he deserves recognition for how he’s helped small business owners and middle class people navigate the tricky waters of investing and self financing. He’s the owner of a distance learning company named VTA Publications and is always posting informative videos on YouTube. Jim Hunt VTA Publications runs his schedule a little differently than most other businesses and he decided to tell Ideamensch, a business and finance blog about it.

Hunt said he founded his company because he felt that the big bank he formerly worked for treated customers unfairly and was only interested in making profits instead of actually helping customers make wise investments. So he decided to help the 99% out by sharing his secrets of investing in both local and international markets. Hunt likes to hear others ideas and complaints to find solutions and later explain them, and his followers have access to his investments and trades through his YouTube channel. Jim Hunt VTA Publications is always at work researching that he even told Ideamensch the best $100 he could spend would be for inside access to financial research. Hunt’s favorite book is Jesse Livermore’s Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator.

Jim Hunt compiles information on market trends on and the fundamentals of trading at VTA Publications and all the courses there can be ordered online and shipped to anywhere in the world. Those who are new to investing can learn how to read stock charts and execute trades, and once they’ve become versed in that there’s information available about little-known trades and strategies on VTA also has courses on retirement planning taken from the bible and other financial ideas are given at seminars in which well-known businessmen come to offer their ideas. Other programs Jim Hunt VTA Publications runs at this company include “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.”

With Securus Technologies, People Are Safe

When the correction facilities around the country were in need of technology to assist them with controlling the crimes that were occurring when the inmates were using the wireless networks, Securus Technologies stepped in to create a technology that would work. It is called the Wireless Containment Solution. Since they invented the technology, the problems in the facilities have lessened, and they are having great success with it. This is an exceptional company that stops at nothing to complete a project, and they are known for their expertise and perfection when they do.


They didn’t have the expertise or the ability to complete the mission, and Securus Technologies stepped to the plate to complete the project.


Since the company wants the public to know more about what they do, they have decided have them down to their business location in TX. It is stationed in Dallas, and when the people are there, they will be given a tour and presentation of it.  People will learn a lot by attending this event, and they can ask questions too. Once they learn how important the work the company does, they will want to follow them in the headlines to see what they are to on an ongoing basis.


Securus Technologies will continue to develop more technologies to better the public safety field. This is why they are the leader in the industry, because they have the expertise and the staff to do so.  Assisting with over a million incarcerated people with techniques like monitoring, investigating and videotaping, they are able to solve and prevent a lot of crimes. In the future, they plan to create more technologies every week because their goal is to create a world where everyone is safe to work and live.

Buying A Used Luxury Vehicle

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