Joel Friant: The Purest Habaneros Straight To Your Plate

Joel Friant is known as a writer, a speaker, a success trainer, a free market enthusiast, and, most importantly in this case, a serial entrepreneur. Although Joel has experience in several other lines of work including real estate and home remodel, we will focus more on his restaurant and entrepreneurial interests.


The Original Habanero Shaker, the flagship product for Mr. Friant, was created conceptually while working in the restaurant business. He wanted to make habaneros as easily available to individuals as possible. He wanted to work through their purest form (raw, dry, and original) in order to create the best potential product. Most habanero products, when they could even be found, were products which mixed the habanero either with salt or other spices. Joel Friant made his version of the Habanero Shaker and distributed it in stores.


The habanero business was not enough to sustain full time employment, so Joel Friant briefly found success in the real estate business. He did home loans for a bit and then became a buyer and flipper of houses. The collapse in the real estate market then lead Joel Friant to do a bit of soul searching in regards to business. He wanted to get to the core of why some were successful and some seemed to fail over and again. He created his own set of success concepts including “The Income Thermostat” inspired in part by Wallace Wattles and Maxwell Maltz.


In 2012 Friant discovered Amazon for online buying and selling. This was able to help propel his Original Habanero Shaker to the next level in terms of sales, though they had been available in stores since 1995. The Original Habanero Shaker is now available online from anywhere in the world 24 hours per day with the luxury of overnight delivery.


The Original Habanero Shaker is vegan-friendly with absolutely no animal byproducts just 100% habanero flakes. The habanero flakes used are approximately 30x hotter than a jalapeno pepper and are rated at 200,000 Scoville heat units. There are many studies that link the use of capsaicin to trigger endorphins in the brain causing pain relief, calming, and a soothing sensation. Online reviews are quite favorable with first-time users typically ending up big fans.

More Than 100 Assets Available Says AvaTrade Review

Are there enough assets on AvaTrade to keep you interested? Some of these other Forex brokers seem very limited. What did the latest AvaTrade Review discover?


AvaTrade Assets

Way back in 2006, before the Credit Crunch, AvaTrade started its business. How many Forex brokers founded from way back then are still around? The survivors have become industry leaders.


The AvaTrade minimum deposit is only USD$250 – this is about average for Forex brokers. AvaTrade offers the standard demo account for practice. You can open up a mini, managed or Islamic account.


There are 5 regulatory agencies establishing requirements for AvaTrade. This is a Dublin based firm. It has branches in Paris, Beijing and Mongolia.


There are 4 x dozen of the most popular currency pairs available at AvaTrade. Bitcoin was added in 2013. You can also trade stock pairs from UK, US, Japan or Germany on AvaTrade.


Digital Currencies

Every decade or so, there are hot assets for trading. If you estimate whether the future price will go up or down, you can make profits through Forex. This is a great way to profit from the Cryptocurrency Revolution.


Every week or so, there is important news, including ICOs. AvaTrade was one of the early adopters of digital coins. You can make a lot of money, if you guess correctly.


Plenty of Opportunity

There might have been a “changing of the guard” in 2013. That was when AvaTrade added Bitcoin. This was not a popular move for the mainstream banks. AvaTrade didn’t care.


It saw the potential of adding a hot new asset. Since then, AvaTrade members have had an advantage by being able to trade Bitcoin.


With this cutting-edge move, AvaTrade became an industry leader. It showed that it was not going to be held back by High Street or Wall Street. This bold move might have led FX Empire to give AvaTrade annual awards from 2013 to 2016.


You have more than 100 assets to trade at AvaTrade. This is plenty of opportunity to control your destiny. Get more money in your pockets.


Oxford Club is a private network of reliable and smart international investors and businessmen. Their core mission is protecting and helping each other grow in wealth. True to their mission, the group has withstood market storms for more than 20 years now. The club has more than 157000 registered members across the globe.


The club’s investment values and the ability to share new ideas have successfully passed the test of time. Although this club is selective, they are not secretive. For that reason, they have received members from over 130 countries worldwide.


Oxford Club has got different founders William Bonner, who is the founder of Agora Inc being among the top founders. This club started in 1989 as the Passport Club. It later took the current ‘Oxford’ name in 1991 as a way of reflecting on its member’s combination modern technology and old-world sensibility.


The idea of Oxford club founders was to create a concealed “financial club” of investors who had a joint interest in identifying unique business opportunities around the world. It was also meant for investors who had a sole agreement that the finest investment opportunities are normally found through personal connections and not the mainstream press.


Every month, Oxford Club members research hundreds of investment opportunities. They focus on those with maximum probable gains and the lowest risks at the same time. The results of the research are then shared with the members and a decision arrives after some consultation.


The Oxford Club’s foundation dates back to a group known as “The Merchants and Brokers Exchange”. This was an international entrepreneur’s club that founded by Gary Scott in the early 1970s. Gary Scott was an American who sold mutual funds and insurance in Hong Kong. Scott later turned The Merchants and Brokers Exchange group over to the CEO of Agora, Inc Sir Bill Bonner.


The club has grown through different phases since it was created to today. The recent being the launching of Chairman’s Circle Breakout Alert in 2016 which was created by Marc Lichtenfeld. In 2017, Andrew Snyder launched his own publishing service which he called Manward Press. Mathew Benjamin also joined the Club as its Editorial Director in 2017.


This cub is growing by the day and is looking forward to seeing what the market has to offer them this year.

Betsy DeVos Has Strong, Imbedded Opinions of Parental School Choice

Betsy DeVos is a strong believer in parental school choice. As the current Secretary of Education, she is responsible for setting and carrying out the nation’s policy on public education. While she has definite views on giving parents more choices on how and where their children are educated within a publicly supported system, President Trump, her primary boss, does not appear to be as supportive.


While Besty DeVos espouses the party line, many who know her from past political and charitable efforts in Michigan, her native state, state that she has a steely and determined personality underneath the outward politeness. For 30 years, Betsy DeVos has led efforts to provide tax dollars in the form of vouchers to go toward private schools. These efforts have been largely unsuccessful in Michigan, but she has succeeded in diverting money away from public schools and toward charter schools.


Ms. DeVos believes that the free market should decide the fate of charter and other schools. She not only supports charter and private schools, but she also advocates tax money for schools run by for-profit companies and opposes setting performance standards for them. Detroit, Michigan, has the nation’s largest number of charter schools, mostly because of Betsy DeVos’s political efforts. Many of these charter schools are low-performing, and Detroit’s public schools also continue to deteriorate. Ms. DeVos has said that the Detroit public school system should simply be closed down.


During her confirmation hearings, Betsy DeVos said that most students in the U.S. attend public school and nothing would change that. However, soon after taking her position, she said that teachers at a Washington public school she recently visited were not taking the initiative in their classes, but rather were waiting to be told what to do. This remark led to comments from many that Ms. DeVos is hostile to public education.


During her confirmation hearings, Betsy DeVos was potrayed as being inexperienced and ignorant of the state of the public education system and of politics in general. Her acquaintances have said that while she is somewhat annoyed by this portrayal, she remains humorous about it and even jokes about some of the remarks she made during the hearings.


A few months into her term, Betsy DeVos visited several schools in Florida, running the gamut from private, charter and public schools. Betsy DeVos was serving notice that she is serious about parental choice and was placing a spotlight on the different types of schools parents can choose. However, despite Ms. DeVos’s praise and support of the charter schools in Florida, the schools have problematic ties with business and political leaders and take a disproportionate amount of school tax dollars.


One of her first moves as the new Secretary of Education was to call the leaders of the top two teachers’ unions. Greg McNeilly, a Republican political strategist who has worked with Betsy DeVos on various initiatives in Michigan, believes that this was a smart move on her part. He states that Washington will soon find out that Betsy DeVos is fueled by opposition, not muted.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Successor At Banco Bradesco Has Been Announced!

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the Chief Executive Officer of Banco Bradesco, the second largest bank in Brazil. He began his career at Bradesco in 1969, and has since devoted his entire professional life to Banco Bradesco becoming Chief Executive Officer in March of 2003. He has worked all over the company and is very highly respected in the business world.

Bradesco is Brazil’s second largest bank and holds approximately R$ 1.4 trillion (about $430 billion usd) in assets and a credit portfolio of almost R$ 493 billion (about $152 billion usd.)

However, no Chief Executive Officer can last forever. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is stepping down after 15 years of hard work as president. Bradesco recently released a statement verifying his replacement.

According to a Broadcast Column on January 16th, the name of the new Chief Executive Officer was to be revealed within the next few months. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi later released a statement confirming this and noted that February 10th was to be a deadline for the announcement of the new Chief Executive Officer.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s stepping down was delayed due to an extension to the maximum age limit of the Chief Executive Officer position being changed from 65 to 67 years old. In addition, there was an unfortunate plane crash which killed Marco Antonio Rossi, the original planned successor of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

Octavio De Lazari Junior, one of the vice presidents of Bradesco, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco. He beat out the other vice presidents, Maurício Minas, Alexandre da Silva Glüher, Josué Pancini, and Marcelo Noronha, who were also in the running. According to the bank, Octavio De Lazari Junior’s appointment was made according to Bradesco’s specific process of succession and nomination according to The decision was also endorsed by the bank’s Appointment Committee. His achivements are substantial and he is well respected by his associates. The bank says they are sure that Mr. Octavio De Lazari Junior will keep Bradesco’s outstanding position in national and international finances will stand strong.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will continue his term as Chief Executive Officer according to Bradesco’s timetable. As it stands, he will step down after the regular board meeting on March 12th.

Octavio De Lazari Junior will be assuming command at Bradesco after one of the worst crises the Brazilian financial system ever faced. However, despite the issues, Bradesco was still able to acquire HSBC, another financial service company.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:

Career Journey of Jake Gottlieb

In the city of Brooklyn in New York, Jacob Gottlieb was born, and he was a son of immigrants who had moved to the United States of America. Jacob’s father who is known as Max Gottlieb is an economic expert who teaches in the City University while his mother called Dr. Helena Gottlieb is a medical officer who specialized in the field of children treatment.

Jacob wanted to pursue medicine thus after completing his secondary education, he joined New York University and attained a doctor of medicine degree. Gottlieb also studied at Brown University which is situated in Providence, Rhode Island and was honored with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics. The reason that he decided to acquire skills from both fields is that he was inspired by the career of his parents and they blended perfectly making his dream become a reality. Jacob is currently a trade expert in Wall Street which consists of finance management and strategies to avoid emerging issues. Gottlieb is known for founding firms that have been successful in the marketing world. In 2005, Jacob founded and became the Chief Investment Officer of Visium Asset Management. Before that, he was among the members that founded the firm called Balyasny Asset Management. Jacob later became obsessed with the entrepreneurial world and decided to set aside his medical career.

During his youthful years, due to this passion in baseball, he hustled by selling baseball cards as he was a huge fan of the Yankees team. Jacob started to show his exceptional skills in entrepreneurship at a tender age. He later became a commercial hawker where he sold drinks to locals in his hometown. Jacob believes that the managerial and medical fields have similarities such as they are risk takers and brilliant in their work.

Gottlieb is among the sponsors who facilitate the running of the Covenant House Board. This organization assists homeless children when they provide them with the basic needs which include food, shelter, and education. The institution has been able to embark on a journey to eradicate suffering from children and provide them with love and care.

Bob Reina: Stand Out

The best people in life are those who stand out. If there is one thing that is going to stop people in their tracks, it is groupthink. They need to form their own opinions and their own ideas. When they do that, they start to see they are not like everyone else. That is what the world needs more of, quite frankly. It needs people that are original and they have unique ideas. So often, people are scared to say something that is not what everyone else is feeling or thinking. They are scared that if they say something that is not the popular opinion, people will look down on them.


As a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite. People respond to those who are not like everyone else. They respond to people that have a different viewpoint. Now, here is the thing, though: it needs to be original, organic, and all their own. They can’t just be different for the sake of being different. They also need to work harder than the person next to them. While that co-worker is leaving exactly at 5pm, they need to stay until 6pm or 7pm. There is always time to rest and relax at a later date. It will be that much more rewarding when it’s done after working hard and putting in the extra time.


In the moment, it is going to suck and it is going to be exhausting. People are going to be wondering how much they can take and how much they can push themselves. However, all good things come to those in the end. They just need to keep pushing that needle forward and keep doing whatever it takes to stand out. Bob Reina has done that. He is not a quitter and he never will be a quitter. He is one of the hardest working people out there, and it is why he was able to transition from law enforcement into being the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion.


In 2016, one of the awards that Bob Reina’s company won was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. Bob Reina is a firm believer in communication leading to solutions. It all works hand in hand. People need to be on the same team and they need to convey that message as best as possible. When they do that, it eliminates all silos from happening in the first place.  Learn more:


Solutions are what Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are all about as a company. They see what happens when good people with the right work ethic come together and they are on the same page about the vision and the collaboration of a company.


What Do U.S. Money Reserve, A Rare Car And Barret Jackson Have In Common?

If you guessed that U.S. Money Reserve became the official sponsor of the Barrett-Jackson 47th Annual Scottsdale Auction, you would be correct. This years auction featured a very rare McLaren P1 GTR with just over six hundred miles on it. This vehicle is one of only 45 ever made. It can reach a top speed of 225 miles per hour and go from zero to sixty in 24 seconds.

Barrett-Jackson organized the auction which is known to draw over 200,000 spectators during the eight days. The event is highly televised and is known as one of the world’s greateest car collector auctions. This year U.S. Money Reserve were on hand to be the official sponsor. The McLauren P1 GTR was located in an area close to their booth.

You may wonder why a company like U.S.Money Reserve would be at a car collectors auction, however, the answer is very simple. When you offer collectable items, you go where the collectors are. U.S. Money Reserve is in the presious metal collection business.

Many of the people who collect cars are known to be collectors of the same things like gold, silver and platinum that U.S.Money Reserve offers. As a result, this is a great business move for both companies and the general public that attends the car auction. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

This auction is a special one not just because the leading distributor of government issued precious metals is on hand at the show, but, because it features rare and sought after collectable cars and celebrates 100 years of automotive history. As for U.S. Money Reserve, their spokesperson said they are happy to be a part of it all.

When people come to the show they might have questions about collectable coins or how to get started collecting precious metals and when they do, U.S. Money Reserve will be there to help get those questions answered with ease. Gold, Silver and platinum are a great way to start any collection.

The great thing about working with a leader like U.S. Reserve is that they can ship your order right to your door. Unlike so many other companies, when you order for U.S. Money Reserve you can be sure that you are going to get actual gold, silver or platinum coins.

You can hold them, touch them, show them to your family and friends or put them away in a safe place. The choice is yours.

Ordering is a simple process. You go to the website and pick out what you want to purchase for your collection. Once you order, they will ship it direct to your door. You can get your collection at your home, office or most anywhere else for that matter.

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Securus Technologies Customers Express Their Love

Securus Technologies recently released a report on feedback from its customers in corrections facilities. The comments were majorly based on how they (customers), have benefited from their use of technology provided by the company in solving and preventing crimes within their facilities, including inmate-on-inmate crimes. Richard Smith, Chairman and Securus Technologies C.E.O, said that the company develops new products or services on a weekly basis that helps corrections and law enforcement officials in solving or preventing crimes. He said that it was an honor for the company to receive such positive feedback from their customers since safety for inmates, their families, and the parolees is one of the company’s values.


Select customer feedback on using Securus Technologies products to in preventing and solving crimes.


The released customer feedback was edited to ensure their locations and names were kept anonymous. One customer thanked the company for enabling them to identify and arrest a corrupt staff who was selling contraband items to inmates. Another facility, through using the firm’s information management services, unearthed crimes such as the use of alcohol by inmates, suspicious phone conversations on cash transfers, threats and intimidation, sale and use of illegal drugs within the facility and a civilian working in the facility selling prescription medicine to inmates. Other customers expressed their satisfaction with the firms continued commitment to revolutionize the prisons’ environment as well as improving the facilities’ jail security. Most of the feedback lauded investigative tools, including the LBS software provided by the firm, as very effective.


Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has for the past 25 years, provided the Corrections Department with technology solutions to ensure safety within correction facilities. The firm serves over 3,000 prisons containing 1,200,000 inmates. The company has focused on providing technology solutions and has partnered with various technology firms to improve its services.

Conor Lamb and End Citizens United Team up in Pennsylvania Special Election

     The times are certainly changing in the political world. Since the election of Donald Trump to the White House, there has been a renewed effort by progressives everywhere to get out and vote. With the 2018 Midterm Elections approaching, there is no better time than now to try and make a difference. End Citizens United is certainly doing their part and that is why the political action committee has endorsed Conor Lamb in his hunt for a Congressional seat in Pennsylvania’s 18th District.

Conor Lamb is far from an established Democrat, thanks in large part to his youth, but End Citizens United sees something special in the prospective Congressman. Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District seat opened up after Republican representative Tim Murphy was forced to resign in disgrace after it came to light that he was pressuring an extramarital affair to have an abortion — two factors that are big no-nos. Lamb will be running against Rick Saccone for the seat. While this specific district is deep red, End Citizens United and Conor Lamb already see a path to victory.

We need only to look to Alabama in order to see that there are real changes going on in 2018. Since Trump was elected, Democrats have picked up 34 state seats, a governor seat and a Senate seat all while Republicans have only managed to pick up four state seats. That doesn’t mean that Conservatives are packing it in, however, as Donald Trump has already taken to Twitter in order to endorse Saccone.

No matter what Trump and the RNC decide to do, the fact that Lamb was able to pick up an endorsement from End Citizens United is a big deal. End Citizens United is one of the leading progressive political action committees in the country and they have been instrumental in the energized blue base that we have seen in 2018. End Citizens United was established in order to champion campaign finance reform and their primary goal is to put legislators in place who will be willing to strip the 2010 Supreme Court decision surrounding Citizens United. Lamb is one of those progressives who seems more than willing to stand up for and champion campaign finance reform.

Democrats everywhere have seen a boost in energy from their base since Trump’s election. The resistance movement is growing and people like Lamb are being put into a position where they can become long-lasting difference makers for their party. With ECU at his side, Lamb could be prepared to shock the world.