Papa Johns Is On A Forward Path Thanks To Steve Ritchie

Steve Ritchie is taking on the responsibility of CEO at Papa Johns following the departure of the previous company head. It is Steve’s mission to return Papa Johns to its former glory through proper actions and words. Steve himself has written an apology letter that was addressed to all company employees as well as the millions of customers from around the world. Steve understands the responsibility he has and the most important part of his job moving forward is to improve on Papa Johns in all areas, including accountability.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns is even conducting a survey all across the country, where management is going around to speak to Papa Johns team members to get their personal opinions and feedback about the business as a whole and their own personal restaurant. In order to truly rebuild the Papa Johns name and build a sense of community with customers, Steve Ritchie is leaving no stones unturned and assures customers there will be no transparency moving forward in any aspect. There are many loyal customers that have stuck behind Papa Johns throughout all the chaos and Steve Ritchie is grateful to these people as they have looked past the actions of one person and instead look at the entire company, which is made up of more than 100 thousand members around the world.

There is no tolerance for any racist behavior or harassment at Papa Johns and Steve has made that explicitly clear through his letters and actions. Steve also mentioned ordering workers to undergo bias and diversity training. That being said, one individual does not represent the entire companies thoughts or beliefs, which Steve believes should always be considered. According to Ritchie, there are a lot of things changing at Papa Johns and more is to come in the near future, especially as the experts continue to come in. There are many dedicated individuals that work hard at Papa Johns to bring customers some of the best pizza on the market and Steve intends to show off this hard work to the public.

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