PSI Pay and The Future of Wearable Tech That The Company Leads

The world we are in today is getting more unpredictable and also exciting. For example, in the field of finance, we already have alternative payment solutions today that are almost beyond creative. They’re beyond creative in the sense that they’re not just sci-fi ideas anymore. They used to be just stuff of imagination, but now they can be part of our everyday life. That said, if before we had wrist watches that tell us our heart rate, today comes a different way of commerce: through rings. This imaginative way of paying for products is initiated by no other than the fantastic team behind the online banking firm PSI-Pay.


Money on A Ring


We already have been used to wristwatches now that can tell us our optimal health, our heart rate, and other body fitness information. But what you probably haven’t heard yet is jewelry that you can wear everywhere, and you can use to purchase items across more than a hundred countries. With the partnership with Kerv Wearables, PSI Pay is the first company to be able to integrate the use of a jewelry ring to be a form of payment system.


This is a breakthrough technology, no doubt. The fact that PSI Pay is already integrated into the credit card and debit card system makes this invention even more fantastic since you no longer need to input your data or any banking information when you make purchases. All you need is to show your ring, like a character in a sci-fi novel, and you’re now all set to transact with various businesses. It also helps that right now Kerv Wearables has been able to build a name of creating the most trusted pieces of tech hardware that help people get their business transactions smooth and robust. This is indeed a first of its kind, and it’s fortunate that PSI Pay has been the first to have been able to do such kind of innovation.


Strategic Overhaul

Despite the modern challenges of scaling the business, PSI Pay is also impressive because since 2016 it has been meeting with its target of increased business volumes, almost reaching to about 29%. With the new strategic overhauls that PSI Pay is in, there’s little doubt that it is now built to continue its success.