Rick Shinto’s Commitment to Excellence in Healthcare

Rick Shinto, the founder and CEO of InnovaCare Health is a true leader in this industry. The company stands proud with more than 120 years of experience combined. With his long track record in healthcare, what is it that helps him to become a true success with InnovaCare?


When Rick Shinto first started in healthcare, he was practicing as a pulmonologist in California. Working as a doctor in his field, he was able to learn first-hand what doctors experience working with patients, and to get the feedback that nurses provide about what patients want to know and how they view their healthcare coverage. The healthcare industry is constantly changing, bringing about both positive and negative aspects of medicine and patient care. The priority for Rick Shinto is to operate with a value-based model, ensuring that patients are able to get the plans they need at an affordable rate. Just because an individual lives in a middle class zip code it should not impact their ability to get fewer benefits than those who are considered upper class.


The leadership that he has chosen to work alongside him is also highly regarded in the healthcare industry. Penelope Kokkinides, his right-hand leader with the company also brings tremendous experience and value to the board. Rick Shinto has also been the CEO of MMM (Medicare y Mucho Mas) health plan since 2008. Once the sale of this company was complete, he served as the President and CEO of Aveta Inc. Working on the executive level and with an MBA has helped him to accomplish his goals and fulfill his duties at the head of the company. Bringing more than 20 years of clinical experience to the table, Shinto is one of the most highly regarded CEO’s in healthcare today working with managed plans.


Although he works in these roles for InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto is also on the board for America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). This organization is the largest in healthcare today, and this trade association is committed to ensuring that all plans are beneficial to members for a reasonable out-of-pocket cost. Healthcare continues to change, and Rick Shinto along with his board are working tirelessly to find ways to make the system better.