Securus Now Adopts Drone Detection Technology

Technological inventions have been used for the benefit of humanity for many years. They have also been used with the intention to destroy the same man; unfortunately. when drones appeared on the scene, no one knew that they would attract as much attention from both the right and the left. Drones were first put to use by defense forces in the US as unmanned aircraft destined for prest missions. However, drones soon found their way into the public utility market. They were largely deployed for positive missions. The drone has been used to deliver cargo and mail to distant places. Courier companies found the new use of drones. They have been used to deliver mail to remote places, and they do it with precision.


About Securus

Securus Technologies is a security company with a focus on proactive technologies that enhance security. Securus has been deployed to offer security services to many American governmental agencies. Securus is also in charge of inmate security. Securus has been given the mandate to ensure that inmates do not have access to contraband equipment. Indeed, the work of securing everyone can be demanding. Securus realizes the challenges it faces in its mandate and makes adjustments that could help enhance security in the areas of concern.


Drones Deliver Contraband

According to several sources within the US, there have been over a dozen attempts by inmates and their accomplices to smuggle contraband such as phones and drugs into prison facilities. These are claims that even the prison officials’ face in their daily expected duty to protect their seniors. Prison authorities acknowledge such receipts all the time.


Securus and the Drones Strategy

A lot is cooking in the pot. After realizing the magnitude of their challenge in as far as they need to keep at par with security in the nation’s correctional institutions, Securus has decided to use some of the experienced hands from the prisons service staff in drone technology and drone detection. Securus secured the services of one Micheal James, a former prisons service staff who came face to face with the menace of contraband in America’s correctional institutions. With over 3500 corporate clients an uncountable number of prisons service attention, there’s no telling where the new horizons lie with Securus.


Serving a Broad Range of Customer Needs

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