The Career and Working Life of Igor Cornelsen

The question that many people struggle with is what to invest in; what products or services they need to sell to grow financially. Many people struggle with this question because they are most likely doing something they do not like in their line of profession. It helps to be a great employee because it helps you learn about a venture. It is advisable to invest in the business you have been doing as an employee because you know a lot about it. It is, therefore, critical to be careful with what you chose to give your time in life.

Igor Cornelsen is an example of an individual who followed this path. He currently has his firm and is a financial advisor. He was inspired to start his business by the many years he had worked in the industry. He had indispensable information on the venture. To understand this best, we have to go back to his career life.

Igor Cornelsen was born in 1947. During his time, securing a position in the university especially the engineering class was not an easy thing. However, being a brilliant and hardworking student, he got a slot in one of the engineering schools in the States of Parana. Two years later, he studied economics in the same university.

After his schooling, Igor got a job at the banking section. It is important to note that during this time, the use of the calculator and other technologies had not spread throughout the world. The engineers were, therefore, needed in the banking sector to calculate the compound interest using the sliding rates.

Igor Cornelsen worked in multiple banking facilities including international facilities. He also got a chance to work in different departments of the industry which advanced his knowledge in the sector. In 1995, he gave up the employment world and began his investment firm.

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