The impressive career path of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most known real estate developers around the world. He is a highly successful businessman, father, and husband who was born and lives in the United Arab Emirates. The Hussain Sajwani family also lives with him in Dubai. The great Hussain Sajwani studied at the University of Washington where he earned a degree in Industrial engineering and another one in Economics. In his return to UAE, Hussain joined the GASCO and worked as a contracts manager.



Within one year, Sajwani left this organization has founded his company which later became DAMAC Group. In this Group, Sajwani is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Chairman of the Board. The company has operations in diverse industries such as in Luxury real estate development, food catering, hospitality as well as investing. Under him, the DAMAC Company started as a food catering company. The company was eventually expanded to the Eastern Europe, Middle East as well as Northern Africa.



Hussain Sajwani decided to enter into the luxury real estate business in 2002. Since then, DAMAC has built various developments which feature top-notch apartments and villas that are marketed to people doing businesses in UAE.



The Hussain Sajwani relationship with Donald Trump


For those wondering how Trump can be a friend to a Sajwani, you need to note that Sajwani is not a political friend to Trump. The relationship of Donald trump and Hussain Sajwani is business focused rather than political. Even before Donald became the president of the United States, Donald loved real estate business and that’s how he met Sajwani.



Before his election, Trump was offered $2 billion deal by the DAMAC CEO. Hussain, as a developer saw it as an opportunity to expand his business territory, and believed that his opportunity should come with the Trump as a presidential candidate in the USA. The Trump organization also manages some of the DAMAC properties including the recently accomplished work on the capital city of Dubai that has an 18-hole golf course.



Hussain Sajwani Philanthropic work


Hussain is known for his Philanthropic initiative which was launched by the Ruler of Dubai to provide support to the disadvantaged kids around the world. He also took a step to write a check amount to over AED two million to reach over 50, 00 children who need clothing.

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