Oxford Club is a private network of reliable and smart international investors and businessmen. Their core mission is protecting and helping each other grow in wealth. True to their mission, the group has withstood market storms for more than 20 years now. The club has more than 157000 registered members across the globe.


The club’s investment values and the ability to share new ideas have successfully passed the test of time. Although this club is selective, they are not secretive. For that reason, they have received members from over 130 countries worldwide.


Oxford Club has got different founders William Bonner, who is the founder of Agora Inc being among the top founders. This club started in 1989 as the Passport Club. It later took the current ‘Oxford’ name in 1991 as a way of reflecting on its member’s combination modern technology and old-world sensibility.


The idea of Oxford club founders was to create a concealed “financial club” of investors who had a joint interest in identifying unique business opportunities around the world. It was also meant for investors who had a sole agreement that the finest investment opportunities are normally found through personal connections and not the mainstream press.


Every month, Oxford Club members research hundreds of investment opportunities. They focus on those with maximum probable gains and the lowest risks at the same time. The results of the research are then shared with the members and a decision arrives after some consultation.


The Oxford Club’s foundation dates back to a group known as “The Merchants and Brokers Exchange”. This was an international entrepreneur’s club that founded by Gary Scott in the early 1970s. Gary Scott was an American who sold mutual funds and insurance in Hong Kong. Scott later turned The Merchants and Brokers Exchange group over to the CEO of Agora, Inc Sir Bill Bonner.


The club has grown through different phases since it was created to today. The recent being the launching of Chairman’s Circle Breakout Alert in 2016 which was created by Marc Lichtenfeld. In 2017, Andrew Snyder launched his own publishing service which he called Manward Press. Mathew Benjamin also joined the Club as its Editorial Director in 2017.


This cub is growing by the day and is looking forward to seeing what the market has to offer them this year.