The Quick Rise of EOS Lip Balm

Research and proper marketing strategies are the starter’s key to the success of EOS Lip Balm. Barely a decade since its establishment, the product has become a favourite among the millennial, experts as well as beauty bloggers. EOS Lip Balm has exhibited a lot of growth in the United States as well as across the globe. The product has outdone brands that have been on the market longer such as Blistex and Chapstick.

Before establishing Evolution of Smooth, Jonathan Teller and Sajiv Mehra conducted thorough research on what wasn’t available in the market. The duo found out that no lip balm had been specially made for women. This implied that their potential competitors lacked creativity.

On its launch, the product had an overwhelming reception. When asked about the early success, the co-founders owed it to the laid up strategies. The first star to be seen with this product was Miley Cyrus. She lavishly displayed the lip balms in her 2013 hit known as we can’t stop. Jennifer Lopez followed suit in her album known as Booty.

When it comes to social media, EOS enjoys a massive following. It, for instance, has 349 thousand followers on Twitter and a significant two million followers on Instagram.