The Team Behind Meriwether Group

Meriwether Group is a business accelerator and advisory company that his headquartered in Portland, Oregon. The company helps entrepreneurs meet their potential and “Fulfill Their Journey”. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meriwether Group is David Howitt. He has worked for international companies including Adidas. He has also founded a number of his own companies including Oregon Chai, which he launched with his wife, that they successfully sold in 2004. Other companies that he has worked for includes among others Stumptown Coffee, Dave’s Killer Bread, Living Harvest, and Salomon.

David’s son, Sawyer Howitt, also works for the Meriwether Group and is fulfilling his own entrepreneurial spirit. As a Project Manager, he is focused on revolutionizing the world of commerce and retail. His specialty is RFID checkout where customers will soon be able to purchase products in stores and never need to checkout at a register.


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  1. Just as in the case of Oregon tower, and other most monumental; work done, noting can be done without real team effort. the bulk of ultius in making the progress well recorded in the mark of success. I also like the work of John Maxwell also in teamwork 21 laws which is useful everyday.

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