Victoria Doramus and Media

Victoria Doramus is a well-known woman when it comes to the field of marketing and advertising. As a woman, she has had a share of success as well as that of failure. According to Victoria, she has experienced a lot of success in her life, and that is how she makes her living. She is an expert in market trends and possesses a great understanding of the international markets as well as consumer retail trends. She has spent much of her years in the media industry working with Mindshare, Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics, and Trendera. She also has experience when it comes to creative work. She has also served Peter Borg, a film producer, and director as his personal assistant.

With all these, most people will think that consumer trends expert Victoria Doramus has had it all merry in all her career years with all these successes. However, the opposite is true. She has not been celebrating all these years. Victoria got herself into drugs and alcohol until she became an addict and the battling with the addiction has not been an easy task with her. However, she eventually made it through, and now she lives as a clean woman.

Currently, Victoria is an expert when it comes to the recovery process from alcohol and drugs, and she is out here sharing her story with others. She aims that by sharing her story, other people who are in the same situation will know that there is hope. According to her, the major problem is not the addiction but the way people handle the situation. She talks to those people who are ready to listen to her advising them about the effects of alcohol and drugs. It made her lose almost everything, and it is something that she will live to regret.

While growing up, Victoria Doramus wanted to study communication, and when she had a chance of joining the University of Colorado, she knew what she was going to do there. Other than communication, Victoria also wanted to learn more about the history of the world. This made her attend semester programs to explore the history as well as the development of art from the ancient Greek beginnings.

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