William Saito Shares Tips on How to Succeed in the Tech Industry

William Saito is a Japanese-American accomplished businessman and cybersecurity expert. He started his tech career at a young age owing to his passion for programming. At age 10, he was offered an internship program by a computer programming company.


Saito started a software company at college. From his college room, he worked to resolve software problems and at one point, he offered software language translation services to NEC. His young company grew to become the well-known I/O Software.


I/O Software played a major role in shaping Japan’s software future. It featured in the companies that founded the fingerprint recognition technologies. He was awarded Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 1998.


Recently, while in a symposium, talked about how the financial turmoil has impacted start-ups. According to him, there are many hurdles in a new entrepreneur’s way to start a business in Japan. Most of the leading companies in Japan are those ones which started during a time of financial turmoil. Due to the situations within which they were established, they learned how to handle those situations better and they are now thriving. He believes that now is the right time for a company to start and grow.

If a company beats the taste of time and financial turmoil, it acquires the potential to thrive even in the most trying financial situations. It is rare to be able to access funds as you would like it to. Therefore, a company must learn to adapt and come up with financial strategies that will enable them to thrive.


William Saito says that the perception that Western cultures have the ability to recover from failure faster than Asian cultures hold ground. The western cultures view failure as a stepping to better opportunities. They also treat it as a learning opportunity.


Throughout Saito’s career, he demonstrated that passion and determination is key to success. He did not let fear and failures put him down. For instance, in school, he was regarded to as ‘uncool’ and as a result, he was isolated. He turned that into an opportunity and spent his most time in chasing his dreams.


William Saito relied on partnerships and collaborations for growth. He partnered with Sony, although they didn’t collaborate at first, to come up with ground-breaking biometric data collection software. That built his company’s reputation as a cyber-security company. He later sold I/O Software to Microsoft in 2000.